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Full text of "Taylor's standard American egg catalogue : comprising a directory of prominent oölogists and collectors' handbook : a correct basis for the exchange of nests and eggs arranged with margin for check-list"

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3 5711 00017 0390 

Field Museum 

Natural History 

p b M 

Taylor's Standard 


Egg Catalogue 

Comprising a Directory of Prominent Oologists and 

Price 25 cents 

A Correct Basis for the Exchange of Nests and Eggs 
Arranged with Margin for Check- List. 


With the Assistance of 

Hon. John Lewis Childs, A. W. Johnson, Frederick 
M. Dille, Henry B. Kaeding, A. E. Price, Philo W. 
Smith Jr., Chauncy W. Crandall, Thomas H. Jack- 
son, A, M. Ingersoll, J. Claire Wood, Charles S. 
Thompson, Chase Little John, Joseph Grinnell, J. H, 
Bowles, Donald A. Cohen, H. W. Beers, J. War- 
ren Jacobs, Jesse C. A. Meeker, W. L. Chambers, 
John H. Flanagan, Isaac E. Hess, C. S. Sharpe, J. 
H. Evans, R. S. Wheeler, Dr. M. T. Cleckley, Har- 
old C. Ward, Edward Arnold, N. K. Carpenter, C. 
B Johnson, Edmonde S. Currier and others. 


Published by It R. TAYLOR, Alameda, Cal. 

Oct. 1904 

Alameda Cncinal Print. 



Oology, which treats of eggs — naturally enough 
comprehending the study of the habits of birds during 
that most interesting period, the breeding season — 
with the peculiar and often singularly beautiful homes 
the feathered artisans construct, in situations widely 
various, in which to deposit their eggs; the form and 
coloration of these products of the oviduct, which, in 
their wonderful variety, form an endless chain of in- 
terest to the naturalist; and, indeed, a study which 
embraces a love of all things wild and free, of the mar- 
vels of nature which are miracles new every day — 
with a study so vast and so absorbing is it a wonder 
that out of this most delightful branch of Ornithology 
the true enthusiast is born? 

Oology claims its votaries among students and col- 
lector-students (who get their facts first hand) the 
world over — men like the late Major Chas. E. Ben- 
dire, John C. Cahoon and others of America; Wooley, 
of England, and many more who might be mentioned 
here, have risked their lives (some to lose them in 
daring cliff descents) and endured hardships in many 
lands in pursuit of scientific knowledge and in the 
acquisition of rarities in nests and eggs. The jour- 
nals of some of these men (as Wooley 's) are human 
documents which will be read with admiration by all 
true naturalists for perhaps centuries to come. 

An Oologist is not to be made to order for the occa- 
sion, even to satisfy the demands of a publisher! Once 
an Oologist and the delights of the pursuit are never 
to be forgotten. The late Judge J. N. Clark (rest his 
memory!) was as enthusiastic as a boy up to the close, 
at past three score and ten of his honorable career. It 
is not a child's hobby, but a serious study and one 
which brings its compensations for the hardest day's 
tramp, the "fiercest" climb, to the true collector. It 
requires much research to be intelligently followed, 
for sets of eggs taken indiscriminately, without proper 
data, with careless preparation or without being ab- 
solute positive as to identity, are valueless — or worse. 

I saw a friend of mine (a true Oologist) not long 
ago take up a set from his collection labeled "Curlew 
Sandpiper." "Maybe they are, and maybe they are 
not," he said, and suiting his action to the words he 
crumpled the egg shells into fragments and tossed 
them into the coal scuttle. It was a fitting receptacle 
for eggs of dubious authenticity, especially so when 
thev were assumed to be of such rarity. 

Where absolute authenticity means so much, if the 
better class of collectors would unite in discouraging 
reckless handling and sale of eggs, where such is ap- 
parent, and encourage scrupulous honesty in dealings, 
in every way which suggests itself, much good might 
result. So long as ignorant handling of specimens and 
carelesness are tolerated individuals who do not hesi- 
tate at long guesses will thrive and even attain to a 
certain reputation! Is it not better to have fewer sets 
and have them from strictly reliable sources than 
many that are "probably" the real thing or are de- 
clared to be "just as good"? 

How many sets of White Gyrfalcon have been of- 
fered which (either through ignorance or intention) 
are of the whitewashed "White"? When eggs of 
alleged Falco islandus are offered with others from 
apparent Icelandic collections a grave doubt may- 
arise as to their authenticity. 

The similarity in scientific names adopted for dif- 
ferent species or varieties by American and Eupopean 
ornithologists is no doubt responsible (at the hands of 
indifferent collectors) for some pernicious confusion as 
regards Gyrfalcons on our list, as it is in cases of other 
species. The White Gyrfalcon, which we call Falco 
islandus, breeds in Northern Greenland, but not in 
Iceland. British ornithologists call our White Gyr- 
falcon Falco candicans, while our Gray Gyrfalcon 
{Falco rusticolus), the only form found breeding in 
Iceland, they designate on their lists as the Iceland 
Falcon, Falco islandicus, or even sometimes F. is- 
landus (!), giving rise to natural confusion as to the 
White Gryfalcon and Gray Gyrfalcon. 

It will be seen that a hasty conclusion on the part 
of an Oologist either exporting or importing these 
eggs would be easily responsible for errors not appre- 
ciated by the consignor and, unhappily, often not by 
the average consignee. 

Sets of White Gyrfalcon, as I am informed by Mr. 
■ A. W. Johnson, a well known British Oologist, at 
present making his home in California, are very diffi- 
cult to obtain, and may be rated, he believes, as al- 
most equal in value with those of the Black Gyrfalcon 
(F. rusticolus obsoletus). Any sets of any Gyrfalcon, 
it may be stated, are "good" eggs to obtain. 


Some grievous blunders have been perpetrated in 
sending out sets of the Swans, the confusion of Ameri- 
can and European scientific names, with synonynms, 
being held responsible. Our Whooping Swan, Olor 
cygnus, which breeds in Iceland, has been confused by 
some handlers of eggs with Cygnus olor (the same 
thing hind-p art-be-foremost ) although the latter is 
the common "Mute" Swan, domesticated and breed- 
ing on Scotland lakes, and elsewhere. Our Whooping 
Swan is known in Europe as Cygnus musicus. A 
blunder which is bad, though not so egregious, has 
been made in sending out Whistling Swan from Ice- 
land, where the species does not breed. Confusion in 
scientific names is the excuse offered. 

Eggs of Old World forms similar to ours have been 
exchanged as the same thing or "just as good," being 
labeled as European. Some times they are and some 
times they are not. We have a European price on 
Richardson's Owl, meaning Nyctale tengmalmi. It is 
nearly the same thing, but I submit that it would be 
more in line with strictly honest policy to call it Teng- 
malm's Owl, with the explanation. In the chapter on 
Richardson's Owl in Bendire's Life Histories (page 349) 
we read: 

"The eggs of the Old World form, Nyctale teng- 
malmi, a species closely related to Richardson's Owl, 
but a trifle lighter colored, and, like the Lap and 
Hawk Owls, is also likely to occur in Alaska. There 

should be little or no difference in the relative size of 
the eggs of these birds." 

When we step from this instance to naming the 
common eggs of the European Goldcrest (Regulus 
cristatus) as the same thing as the Golden-crowned 
Kinglet of this continent; the Firecrest as the Ruby- 
crowned Kinglet; the common Wren of Europe as 
our." own, etc., then the present writer desires to 
express condolence. 

it may be a matter of taste. If our collectors 
really accept eggs of the European species, admittedly 
(as has been advanced as an argument) at a greatly 
reduced price, and are satisfied, it is their own con- 
cern. It is only where any deception is practiced 
that a protest need be voiced. 

In comparing eggs of our Numenius longirostris from 
Montana, in my collection, I find the European eggs, 
even a picked set sent me, mighty poor imitations 
of the real article. They are Curlew's, and there the 
comparison ends. The present writer cannot approve 
of sending out eggs of the European bird, even though 
the price be low, if labeled "Long- billed Curlew, 

American collectors are obliged to obtain many sets 
of birds on our lists from dealers and others in Europe 
who have correspondents in Iceland, Lapland, etc., 
and there is no intention here of disparaging these 
eggs so long as they come from careful Oologists. As 
to eggs of the Red Phalarope, Crymophilus fulicarius 
(also' known as Gray Phalarope), a well known Oolo- 
gist familiar with sets from Europe writes me : ■ ' Al- 
ways bear in mind that it is risky taking eggs of this 
species either for cash or exchange that are from Ice- 
land. Ninety or more out of a hundred of such sets 
are really only those of the Red-necked Phalarope." 


In this connection some remarks as to methods of 
European Oologists may hot be amiss. Data with 
sets is usually much more meagre, and less point is 
made in Europe than here, probably, in most: cases at 
least, on the question of size of holes in eggs. Choicely 
prepared eggs in this country have a higher value, but 
many collectors do not object to eggs with holes bored 
of fairly "decent" size, and in a large collection one 
is obliged to take many which are not blown with 
"pin point" borings. To take as much pains as pos- 
sible and avoid augur holes, is probably a safe rule to 

The European Oologists make it a rule to mark, upon 
one egg in a set at least, the most important data, as, 
locality, date, and sometimes the collector's name, 
while all eggs, of course, have their individual set 
mark. If the data label should be lost it can thus be 
replaced, which is a decided advantage, and with care 
the egg is not disfigured with marking. A soft pencil 
is sufficient. Many of our collectors favor the Euro- 
pean plan. Mr. C. W. Crandall suggests to me that 
collectors place upon eggs some individual mark. In 
looking over a series of American Bittern he recently 
found four sets all marked "£," naturally creating 
confusion. It is well to affix initals, date, or at least 

the year. "Full" data is very desirable, especialy 
of rare sets, even if you write on the back of the label. 
A photograph of nest will add to its value. 

It may be trite to mention packing, but in shipping 
eggs wrap each one separately in raw cotton (the 
finest quality is not so good) with packing in top and 
bottom (some make little bundles of tissue paper of 
each egg) , and be sure that while not too loosely packed 
there is sufficient "give," for tightly packed egg shells 
will break from concussion incident to mail. With a 
strong box »re-inforced cigar boxes are handy) there 
is comparative safety. Where difference in price is 
small better use" express, marked "Fragile." Very 
large eggs are sometimes wrapped in paper, etc. 

Having devoted so much space to boxing eggs, and 
boxing the oological compass, the main issue — prices 
— is apt to be forgotten. It is about eight years since 
there was issued, in New York City, where I was at 
the time publishing The Nidologist, the first edition of 
this Catalogue. The first edition eliminated many 
tim -worn blunders and fell into others nearly as bad 
(«V e the prices on some very rare waders), but it sup- 
plied a want as the first catalogue of exchange valua- 
tions not issued by a dealer, and is still in use. 

Supply and demand have caused a fluctuation in 
many prices and the need of a second edition was ap- 
parent. In compliance with many requests the task 
was undertaken five or six months ago, and with the 
generous assistance of many discerning Oologists, the 
editor and publisher ventures to believe that in this 
new edition, largely improved, the results are suffis 
cient requital for the labor expended. 

There were over two hundred changes in nomencla- 
ture, additions or corrections to be made to bring 
the A. O. U. list herein .up to date, so that a concep- 
tion may be formed of the labor involved, and excuse 
found for some little delay in publication. "Prices" 
fixed in the ONLY "standard" Catalogue (and the 
gentle reader may draw his own conclusions as to one 
meant), although they represent toilsome hours (sic), 
are not copyrighted. If any publisher should venture 
to take an easv cut by utilizing them in a subsequent 
Catalogue, the compiler humbly expresses the hope 
that such errors as may have naturally crept into this 
work will not be incorporated into a new one. 

The preparation of such a work is not a "snap." 
The scale of relative valuations must be worked out 
with careful consideration of the abundance or rarity 
of a given species, the question of a restricted range, 
demand, supply, European importations, recent ex- 
plorations, and the numerous circumstances which 
must, as far as is possible, be reviewed in arriving at a 
judgment somewhere nearly correct. In this country 
where private collections are almost a necessity in 
many instances for advanced students a "Catalogue," 
while it may always fall short necessarily of perfec- 
tion, is almost indispensible as a guide in the exchange 
of specimens; while, in general, the prices indicated in 
the compendium may be said often to give concretely 
a fair idea of the relative abundance of species — at 
least of such as are readily obtainable. 


Cash prices depend on circumstances, and although 
a cash basis was suggested to me (by two or three 
only, some of them my especial friends it was deemed 
impracticable. The exchange basis is worked out as 
consistently as possible, combining the views of many 
experienced collectors, and the prices, which are rela- 
tive, are aimed to promote as far as pssible equitable 
exchanges, east and west, north and south. The ex- 
change valuation is higher than cash valuation, the 
latter averaging perhaps one-third lower, but it is im- 
possible to make a fixed comparison, as all exchangers 
will agree. A collector who makes a fortunate "buy" 
should be entitled to a margin, and those who import 
eggs (which come at buyers' risk and at his expense 
for expressage) have some claim for consideration. 
This Catalogue aims at fairness to all, and European 
dealers' prices were carefully consulted, as well as the 
figures advanced by importers, in arriving at con- 

The editor believes a fair margin should be allowed 
for increased postage on large eggs, as Murres, Loons, 
Swans, etc., as well as for bulky nests, for in exchanges 
it is the rule that each collector prepays and guaran- 
tees safe delivery. Eggs of great beauty, desired in 
numbers for series, are consistently priced higher, 
although they may not be extremely rare. Perhaps 
a dozen correspondents asked me to raise Osprey's 
eggs to $1.00. vSome kinds, formerly difficult to ob- 
tain, have been taken in colonies and placed on the 
market in quantity, hence the price descends. I may 
mention as an example, White-faced Glossy Ibis. 

With very rare eggs it is unquestionably safer not 
to venture a price, but a tentative valuation is in- 
structive in giving an idea of the rarity of the eggs. 
It is quite probable, however, that collectors will have 
no rush of exchange effers of the very rare species — 
not from reliable collectors, unless some expedition 
may make a rich haul. It is a natural disposition of 
dealers to price very rare species low, for in so doing 
the unsuspecting may be the more ready to part with 
them on occasion, and a substantial advance be real- 
ized at cash sale! At least this is a fair inference 
when eggs which have sold for $10 each in cash are 
priced at an "exchange" value of $4 or $5. 


The "exchange" prices herein given are for perfect, 
average sets. Those of peculiar size or beauty or 
other characters which the English call "varieties," 
may be exchanged at higher prices by mutual agree- 
ment. In England, collectors sometimes pay large 
cash sums for rare "varieties." The egg of the com- 
mon Murre sells for 15 cents up to $5 for a single speci- 
men, the latter figure having been paid by Mr. Massey, 
of Manchester, at a private auction. A pure white 
egg is considered a valuable prize. Here the auction 
scheme has not yet prevailed. Eggs of the common 
Kittiwake and Herring Gull have also brought large 
sums in England for "varieties." 

It will be noted that prices for many eastern species, 
as Red-shouldered Hawk, and many commoner kinds, 


have been raised, and prices east and west equitably 
adjusted. Some of our western species, as Red-bellied 
Hawk, while much in demand for their beauty in 
coloration, are taken in but few favored localities, 
where the collectors prefer to keep them for series, 
while their range is either limited or extended through 
country where there are few collectors. The writer 
finds 339b rare in Northern California — but one set is 
his total take in twenty years. It will be a long time 
before the market is glutted (!) with such sets and 
they deserve a good rating. * 

A number of collectors who take sets of Blue-winged 
Warbler thought the figure should remain $2, while 
numerous others demanded a reduction. A well- 
known Connecticut collector who has about half a 
hundred sets in his series said, "put it $1.50." With 
this we strike a medium. A number urged the ad- 
vance made on Bald Eagle, and there was but one 
correspondent to suggest a reduction on Golden Eagle 
He named an exchange price of $8, instead of $10. 
Others asked for an increase Mr. Jacobs and others, 
wrote, "No one ever thinks of exchanging them for 
$10." There he's wrong, I will myself, and the rate 
remains unchanged. Considering the steady Euro- 
pean demand, variation in marking, etc. (which applies 
likewise to 339 and 337), the price is none too high. 

The writer "owns up" that the contention of many 
eastern men that some of our western forms have 
been rated disproportionately high is correct, and be- 
lieves he has remedied this condition, but at the same 
time a very erroneous opinion prevails in the minds 
of some as to the ease with which rare Warblers' sets, 
etc., may be picked up in the West. I would like to 
take some of these doubters through the high Sierra, 
where five or six sets all told for a week's work (as on 
the Placerville-Tahoe road) is a fair average, including 
Mountain Bluebirds and Western Robins! 

In the great valleys and foothills of California, it is 
true, there are spots where bird life is prolific, but 
they are chiefly of what are called the commoner 
birds. Sets of Hermit Warbler and Western Evening 
Grosbeak from the Sierra sold for $25 and $40 each 
cash. Who has taken them since? And who shall 
say they brought extravagant sums, considering the 
trip necessary. California is a big State, and speaking 
for the west, rich as it is in oological treasures, you 
cannot always walk out in the back yard and pick up 
rare sets. By the way, a correspondent (who prob- 
ably wants a small series) suggested $4 to me as a 
fair value on Hermit Warbler's eggs. 

Prices are omitted on some species so rare as to 
make an exchange valuation almost impossible, as in 
the case of certain waders. At a recent sale in Lon- 
don sets of four eggs each of Pectoral and Bonaparte's 
Sandpipers brought over $40 a set. Four eggs "of 
Grey Plover, taken in Alaska," brought $40. Eggs 
of the Great Auk are occasionally sold at from $1,000 
to $1,600. 

Thirty guineas, or $150, was paid at Steven's auction 
rooms Co vent Garden, in July last, for a fine specimen 
of the egg of JEpyorms maximus, "12 inches in diam- 

Who says eggs of the Great Skua are priced too 
high ? This is from the Yorkshire Post : 

'■ Rector Fined. — At Lerwick on Saturday the Rev. 
A. E. Sorby, of Darfield Rectory, wa? fined £3, or a 
month's imprisonment, for having contravened the 
Wild Bird's Protection order, by taking two eggs of 
the Great Skua and one of a Sea Eagle from places in 
Shetland. The eggs were forfeited." 


In scientific research, and this is particularly true 
of Oology, to become dogmatic in assertions is fatal. 
In the coloration or other characteristics of eggs the 
Oologist is often confronted wifh strange divergences 
from the assumed "types," and if one depended on 
the book descriptions — some of them at least — he 
would be often be bewildered. The variely in colora- 
tion, markings, etc., in eggs of a species cannot be 
summed up at all adequately in a few lines, and such 
descriptions, presumed to sufnco for a student of 
"popular" or spy glass Ornithology, are often more 
apt to be confusing than enlightning When asser- 
tions are made repeatedly m such a work that of eggs, 
yet undiscovered of certain birds, "will not differ'' 
from related species or sub-species, the "limit" seems 
to have been reached. There is much concerning the 
eggs and nesting of even familiar birds which we do 
not yet know, or which has never been recorded, and 
all Oologists of experience will agree that to assume to 
describe birds' eggs which have never yet been found 
is folly of the most reprehensible sort. 

This Catalogue aims to be a true "working basis" 
for students and collectors, and at the same time will 
be found handy, it is hoped, for use as a checking list, 
the large type and broad margins, with its convenient 
size for the pocket, commending it to field naturalists. 
I desire to express appreciation of the kindness of 
my friend, Hon. John Lewis Childs, of Floral Park, 
New York, through whose courtesy the matrices for 
the electrotypes, set up in the best style of the printer's 
art, and with the list corrected to conform to all A. O. U. 
additions and changes to date, were secured for this 
work. Mr. Fred M. Dille, of Denver, has remained 
awake many nights, the writer is sure, thinking up 
ideas and "contraptions" for his valuable contribution 
to this Oological pot-pourri, and I express an indebted- 
ness profound. 

To my numerous other friends and collaborators 
whose names are emblazoned on the title page, I can 
only express a part of the sincere appreciation felt, 
trusting they will give me credit for doing my little 
best to harmonize their ideas on prices. To those 
who either did not have the time or feel the inclina- 
tion to aid me — well, I am sure you see your mistake 
now! With this I beg to remain, yours, quite fre- 
quently, and, Odlogically, 

H. R. T. 
Alameda, Calif., Sept., 1904. 



The asking of Mr. Taylor for a little space in this 
"new edition," wherein I could air some of my views, 
was deliberate on my part; but he at once regained 
the advantage by offering some space for cranks/ if I 
could give him in return a few more "hints and con- 
traptions" for his "Boys." 

It has been so many years since my ' ' folding ladder ' ' 
startled the Birds, that I think it high time to again 
unfold it. It is the best thing to-day, that I have in 
use, and therefore deserving of a second mention. 
Mr. John H. Flanagan, of Providence, R. I., favored 
me with a visit this summer. He is a collector of 
much experience and knows what eastern woods are 
like. At first he did not think the ladder would be 
of as much benefit on the eastern trees as on the west- 
ern, but finally came to my view, which is, that the 
first ten or twelve feet of a tree is the hardest, east or 
west, and that a few stiff climbs early in the day will 
produce more exhaustion than several miles walk. 

You can walk and you can climb, but a half day's 
combination of "walk and climb" will get us all. So 
the weight of the ladder, to carry, is nothing compared 
to the saving of your strength. Ten feet long, it is of 
light material and hinged in the center, the latest 
edition being improved with two straight, sharp spikes, 
attached to the legs at the bottom end and a sliding 
bolt, with catch in the center, to keep it from shutting 
up while in use. 

For getting on top of plum thickets, wild vine 
growths, dead tangles, where there is nothing to climb, 
and for very slender trees or holes in under side of an 
old rotten stump (the West abounds in such condi- 
tions), my little "ladder route" is the only feasible 
one to take. 

In getting our prizes from the nest to ground we 
have all learned it is best not to carry them down 
personally, but to lower with line to the ground or to 
some companion. The "carpenter's chalk line," with 
a snap on end, still answers this purpose best, and for 
taking care of the line a fishing reel will be found most 
desirable. Such a line does not snag in the limbs or 
blow with the wind, and you will recall the device for 
computing the distance — wrappings of black linen 
thread every two feet, with a double wrap every ten 

But the bucket! I never was paid for advertising 
lard "from the tree tops," so I schemed out a little 
collapsing bucket of my own, which can be carried up 
in the pocket. Make a circular bottom of wood, diam- 
eter such as to slide in and out of coat pocket; this is 
about ordinary saucer size. A circular piece of wire, 
same circle as bottom, for the top; and canvas tacked 
to the bottom and stitched to the top wire for the 
side. The handle is also a piece of pliable wire, which 
will drop down flush with half the top rim. The one 
I have m use is five and a half inches wide by four 
inches high, and you will perceive it can be crushed 
up and slipped in the pocket, like one of those patent 


drinking cups; with also a little cotton for nesting, 
all in position. 

From my friend, FlanigaU, I obtained an idea and 
also gave one. He said that my field data arrange- 
ment was the simplest and best he ever saw, and I 
was pleased to get his rubber ball. Many will remem- 
ber our old water-blowing device, ten feet of rubber 
tubing, with an elevated reservoir of water, but " Flani- 
gan's ball" is ahead of that. Go down to your "toy 
emporium" and purchase a white "rubber ball for 
the baby" (or some one else's baby, it doesn't matter 
which) about the size of a large orange, one of the 
dull heavy bouncers; burn a small hole, with a heated 
knitting needle, so as to "cut the lining." Use this 
in connection with a basin l of water, by first filling, 
and when not in use set back in the water, so that it 
will fill automatically. Is it necessary for me to in- 
struct further, by requesting you to use the squirt as 
a blowing force and as a cleanser, or will you prefer 
to play with the tool a little while? 


My field system is simple. I sent to my friend, 
iR. W. Ford, of Bristol, Conn., who, by the way, is 
also an old-time egg boy, and got a rubber stamp, 
making this impression, exact size: ■> 

Name *. 

Set Mark t . . Date '. . . 

No. Eggs Incubation 

Location > 

Nest . . . . . 

For a few years I used this on separate slips of 
paper, but recently have been using a pocket note 
book, size four by seven inches, opening back from 
end, much more convenient than a side opener. This 
note book is a red cover, half morocco, with the re- 
movable slip" filler." T get "fillers" of fifty sheets 
or one hundred pages each and of quadruple ruling; 
using a new "filler" each season, the old one being 
labelled and filed away. 

With the rubber stamp make two impressions on a 
page, mix in a few with but one impression to the 
page, crowding the stamp to the left side, and with 
your extra space for writing coming below the "nest 
line," and along the right margin. 

Begin by marking up the "set mark" spaces in 
your book with ink, from a No. 1 in regular order up 
to 75 or such a matter. Now! mark the eggs from 
your first nest, immediately on removal, with the 
figure 1 and fill up the corresponding blank in the 
book. All eggs of the next set, with a 2 and continue 
through the season. Do not run a separate set of 
numbers on sets of the same variety, thereby having 
more than one set with a 3 or a seven in your lot, but 
keep the field number going up on every additional 
set, regardless of variety. Put nothing on the egg but 
the one figure. 

After the season is over is the time to clean off the 
field number, re-marking those which have been pre- 
pared satisfactorily and which are your substantial 
results; putting on your "system" marks to connect 
with the results of previous years' work — 475 20/7 

766 9/6, or whatever your system is. Your temporary 
field number is of no further use, as far as this set goes, 
and should not appear, only as a reference guide on 
the completed data. They are for one season's use 
only, beginning with your No. 1 again the next year. 

Many who read this have no doubt spoiled their 
chances for good sets of woodpeckers and others from 
holes in trees. by breaking in on an incomplete number, 
and it was through disrespect to the intellect of the 
"screech owl" that I found out that the following 
little piece of woodcraft could be worked successfully. 
Not only on the "screechers," but the "sapsuckers" 
and some of the woodpeckers. Now, I always carry 
a carpenter's key-hole saw, with some of the tip broken 
off. I have it set somewhat coarse and a trine sharper 
than a "safety razor." I mutilate the "door-way" 
by taking out a circular piece, sawed on a bevel, and if 
the number of eggs is not satisfactory, put it back in 
place, with some small brads, gumming up the saw 
cut with bark. 

If some bark can be removed in a large piece, which 
is often the case, make your cut where the replaced 
bark will cover it and tack it in place with brads also. 


What I desired to put particularly to the younger 
collectors was an earnest plea for them to conduct 
their exchanges and correspondence on a more busi- 
ness-like basis. Do you not care for the good esteem 
of your correspondents? and do you not value a good 
reputation? Then it is up to you to pick some of the 
twigs for your nest through these mediums. Pos- 
sibly you think that the difference is of no considera- 
tion; that the chances are you will never see any of 
"these boys," and there is your first mistake. 

A ten or twenty years' correspondence but strength- 
ens your desire to see these fellows and make their 
personal acquaintance, while the effect may be far- 

If you agree with me on these points, let us consider 
a few "ways and means," leading to your ultimate 
gain. In sending out your exchange lists, state pre- 
cisely which sets are of your own personal work and 
which ones you are offering, which came to you other- 
wise; or, better still, give your friends to understand 
in general that your exchange material is personally 
collected unless otherwise noted. 

If it was necessary to make large holes in the prep- 
aration of your specimens, do not fail to mention it 
when such sets are offered. 

Simply crunch every set, of not too high a valuation, 
if it contains specimens imperfect in preparation. 
Help us all to suppress the circulation of these un- 
satisfactory sets, which cause so much ill-feeling and 
disrupt friendships. 

I wish a general understanding could be had to do 
away with the use of the A. O. U. numbers in corres- 

Eondence. Yes! I know it is the standing custom, 
ut how many of us have the table memorized? Bear 
in mind, that not only do you have to hunt out the 
numbers in the first place, but we also have to pufin 


more time in the decipher 

Make matters easy for the next person, instead of 
hard, and you are more likely to obtain prompt and 
satisfactory replies. 

Keep strict account, in regular ledger style, of all 
your exchanges, and be solicitous to settle your debits. 
One is always ready to extend credit to a collector 
provided he keeps accounts, but there is no satisfac- 
tion in dealing with those who do not. 

Much inexperience is still manifest in the packing 
and shipment of specimens. Large eggs are not 
strong in proportion to their size, and big ones take 
big room. It is the concussion on the box that does 
the mischief, if they are not given lots of room, with 
elasticity, father than a snug fit. 

I have always thought that I took more pains in 
fixing my boxes than many did and for that reason 
have made it a rule to send out first, if possible. In 
that case, your well-fortified boxes will generally be 
returned with the exchange. 

The minimum on express charges is about 25 cents. 

If the postage comes over 15 cents, use the express; 
for you thereby can mark your box "Fragile" and 
have it respected. 

I have often made use of the registered mail, to 
procure more careful handling, for on inquiry I learned 
that the registered mail was not thrown about as 
much nor as heavily as the common sacks. 

But keep your boxes out of the way during the 
"holiday rush." There is no money in broken eggs, 
and "a penny in time saves nine." 

Weill my space is gone; but one more suggestion: 
If any of you should happen this way, do not fail to 
stop off and look me up. We will "unfold" that, 
ladder, or if the same is not "in season," we can "do 
a few" for the Tag. 

Fred M. Dille. 


Valuation of Nests for 

(Taking, into consideration bulkiness, weighty and diffi- 
culty of securing, and packing.) 


Hummingbirds, attached to portion of branch or object 
built upon, 50 cents. 

Hummingbirds, detached from portion of branch or 
object built upon. 20 cents. 

Vireos, Gnatcatchers,. Warblers, Goldfinches, Sparrows 
25 cents. 

Small Flycatchers, and nests that are smaller than Song 
Sparrows',. 25 cents. 

Kingbirds, Pewees, Blackbirds, Towhees, Chats, Thrushes, 
Grosbeaks, Tanagers, Bush- Tits, and Orioles, 60 cents. 

Robins, Mockingbird, Catbird, Shrikes, California Jay , 
Blue Jay, 75 cents. 

Large Jays, Grackles, Thrashers, Meadowlark r s Least Bit- 
tern, $1.00. 

Barn and Cliff Swallows, Marsh Wrens, Cuckoos, Virginia 
and Sora Raijs, f>0 cents. 

Roadrunner, Clapper and King Rails, Cactus, Wren, Water 
Ouzel, $1.50. 

Green Heron, Coot, Florida Gallinule, American Bittern 
Crows, $2.00. 

Wrens, Martins, Bluebirds, English Sparrow, White-bel- 
lied Swallows in bird boxes or tin cans, $1.50. 

Swallows, Martins, Bluebirds, ISfuthatches, Chickadees, 
Titmice, Wrens, Prothonotary and Lucy's Warblers, 
Flycatchers, Sparrow Hawks, Ducks, and Owls, and 
section of tree containing nest, first four pounds, $1.50 
per pound; each additional pound, 15 cents. 

Woodpeckers and section of tree containing same with 
side of 'cavity neatly cut so that it can be taken out 
and replaced at pleasure, first four ponnds, $2.00 per 
pound: each additional pound, 50 cents. 

Hawks, Eagles, Large Owls, Gulls, Pelicans, Herons, Cor- 
morants, and other bulky nests, first ten pounds, 
$1.00 per pound; each additional pound, 50 cents. 


A number in "brackets indicates that the species occu 
but accidentally or casually within our borders; 
the asterisk ( *) signifies that the value 

/given is for European specimens 
j Western Grebe '/ 'fe '/ 3 

y JEchmophorus occidentals /a 


v/ 2 Holboell's Grebe 

Colymbus holboellii 

/ y 3 Horned Grebe 

Colymbus auritus 



y/ 4 American Eared Grebe '/t fa 

Colymbus nigriconis calif or. 

5 St. Domingo Grebe 

Coly mbus-dominicus brae 

// 6 Pied-billed Grebe 

Podilvmbus podiceps 

7 Loon 

Gavia imber 

$ Yellow-billed Loon 

Gavia adamsii 

9 Black-throated Loon 

Gavia arcticus 

10 Pacific Loon 

Gavia pacificus 

/ 11 Red-throated Loon 

Gavia lumme 

* I 12 Tufted Puffin 

Lunda cirrhata 






5 -° @ 




13 Puffin 

Fratercula arctica naumanni 

13a Large-billed Puffin 

Fratercula arctica glacialis 

14 Horned Puffin 

Fratercula corniculata 

15 Rhinoceros Auklet • 

Cerorhinca monocerata 

16 Cassin's Auklet 

Ptychoramphus aleuticua 

17 Paroquet Auklet 

Cyclorrnynchus psittaculus 

18 Crested Auklet 

Simorhyncbus er'statellus 




3 *2.5o 



5 3-°° 

5 *3-°<> 




19 Whiskered Auklet 

Simorhynchus pygmeens 

30 L,east Auklet 

Simorhynchus pusillus 

31 Ancient Murrelet 

Synthliboramphus antiquus 

23 Marbled Murrelet 

Brachyramphus marmoratus 

24 Kittlitz's Murrelet 

Brachyramphus kittlitzii 

25 Xantus's Murrelet 

Brachyramphus hypoleucus 

26 Craven's Murrelet 

Brachyramphus eraveri 






27 Black Guillemot 

Cepphus grylle 

28 Mandt's Guillemot 

Cepphus mandtii 



I. CO 

29 Pigeon Guillemot 

Cepphus columba 

y/ * 30 Murre 

Uria troile 

'/, 'A 

#• / 30a California Murre 

Uria troile californica 



31 Brunnich's Murre 

Uria lomvia 

V y 

J / 31a Pallas's Murre '/, 

Uria lomvia arra 

I. OO 


32 Razor-billed Auk 

Alca torda 


33 Great Auk 

Plautus impennis 

Sells Cash $1200 
to $1600 

34 Dovekie 

Alle alle 

j 35 Skua 

Megalestris skua 

6 *4.oo 



36 Pomarine Jaeger 

Stercorarius pomarinu? 




f 37 Parasitic Jaeger 


Stercorarius parasiticus 

38 Long-tailed Jaeger 

Stercorarius longicaudus 

39 Ivory Gull 

Pagophila alba 

J*/ 40 Kittiwake 

Rissa tridactyla 

40a Pacific Kittiwake 

Rissa tridactyla pollicaris 

41 Red-legged Kittiwake 

Rissa brevirostris 


42 Glaucous Gull 

Larus glaucus 

V<42.i Point Barrow Gull */%. 

Larus barrovianus 


Pt ice 

3 25 

v 43 Iceland Gull '/> 

Larus leucopterus 

«fi 44 Glaucous-winged Gull ^/l 

Larus giaucescens / ** 



5.00 ^2.50 

4.OO *2.00 

45 Kumlien's Gull 

Larus kumlieni 

46 Nelson's Gull 

Larus nelson i 

y/, 47 Great Black-backed Gull V* 

La,rns marinns f Vr 



48 Slaty-backed Gull 

Larus schistisagus 

49 Western Gull 

Larus occidentalis 

[50] Siberian Gull 

Larus afflnis 

ft 51 Herring Gull 

Larus argentatua 

52 Vega Gull 

Larus vegte , 







6 ^3.00 

i. r ) 

53 California Gull $ .50 

Larus calif or nicua 


,54 Ring^billed Gull 

Larus delawarensis *0 

SS Short-billed Gull , * 

Larus bracbyrbynchus O.OO 3.OO 

/ j [56] Mew Gull ^$ * 35 

Larus canus 

57 Heermann's Gull 

Larus heermanni 

/ 58 Laughing Gull 

Larus atricilla 

59 Franklin's Gull 

Larus franklinii 

60 Bonaparte's Gull 

Larus pbiladelpbia 

[60.1] Little Gull 

Larus minutua 

61 Ross's Gull 

Rhodostetbia rosea 






62 Sabine's Gull ^ * . 0Q 

Xema sabiuii 

63 Gull-billed Tern 45 

Geloebelidon nilotica. 

1 64 Caspian Tern V3 

Sterna caspia 


65 Royal Tern , .35 

Sterna maxima 

66 Elegant Tern 

Sterna elegans 

7 67 Cabot's Tern ' * 

Sterna sandvicensis acnflaTi 




[68] Trudeau's Tern 

Sterna t-rudeaui 

6a Forster's Tern 

Sterna foster i 



jo Common Tern 

Sterna hirundo 


71 Arctic Tern 

Sterna paradisasa 

72 Roseate Tern 

Sterna dougalli 


73 Aleutian Tern 

Sterna aleutica 


^ 74 Least Tern 

Sterna antillarum 

/ 75 Sooty Tern 

Sterna fuliginosa 




[76] Bridled Tern 

Sterna anaethetua 

77 Black Tern % 'A 

Hydrochelidon nigra surinamensis 

[78] White-winged Black Tern 

Hydroohelidon leucoptera 

I. CO 




v 79 Noddy 

Anous stolidus 


80 Black Skimmer 

Rynchops nigra 


81 Black-footed Albatross 

Diomedea nigripes 


82 Snort-tailed Albatross 

Diomedea albatrus 


82.1 Layson Albatross 

Diomedea immutabilis 



^^0^^uJLy J&f+^T+w /, 

Mo Price 

[83] Yellow-nosed Albatross $ 10.00 

Thalassogeron culminaxua 

84 Sooty Albatross 1200 

Phoebetria f uliginosa 

[85] Giant Fulmar 

Ossifraga gigantea, 

96 Fulmar * 1.00 

Fulmarup glacials 

86b Pacfic Fulmar' * 3.00 

Fulmarisj^lacialis glupischa 

86.1 Rodger's Fulmar 4.00 

■ -Fulmarus rodgersii 

87 Slender-billed Fulmar 

Priocella glaciaioides 

88 Cory's Shearwater 

Pufflnus borealis 

/ [9 2 - 1 ] Allied Shearwater 

Puffinus assimilis 

93 Black-vented Shearwater 

Puffinus gavia 

93.1 Townsend's Shearwater 

Puffinus auriculares 

94 Sooty Shearwater 

Puffinus fuliyinosus 

I ' 

89 Greater Shearwater * 5.00 

Puffinus major 


90 Manx Shearwater * 1.25 

Puffinus puffinus 

91 Pink-footed Shearwater 

Puffinus creatopus 

92 Audubon's Shearwater 1 50 

Puffinus herminies 




95 Dark-bodied Shearwater < 

Puffinus griseus 

96 Slender-billed Shearwater 

Puffinus tenuirostris 

96.1 Wedge-tailed Shearwater 

Puffinus cuneatus 

96.? New Zealand Shearwater 

Puffinus bulkri 

£97] Black-tailed Shearwater 

Puffinus cineivus 



\ A 

[98] Black-capped Petrel 

iEstrelata -asitata 

[99] Scaled Petrel 

iEstrelata scalaris 

100 Fisher's Petrel 

JEstrelata flsheri 

[101] Bnlwer's Petrel 

Bulweria bulweri 



[102 J Pintado Petrel 

Daption capensis 

103 Least Petrel 

Halocyptena microsome 

104 Stormy Petrel 

Prooellaria pelagica 

105 Fork-tailed Petrel 

Oceanodroma furcata 



I .OO 


6 . 

,4 4 

105.2 Kaeding Petrel 

Oceanodroma- kaedingi 

J . o o\ 

106 Leach's Petrel 

Oceanodroma leucorhoa 



106. 1 Gaudalupe Petrel 

Oceanodroma macrodactyl* 


8.0O <j*. o 

N& Price 

ro6.2 Hawaiian Petrel $. 

Oceanodroma cryptoleucnra 

107 Black Petrel 5 oa 

Oceanodroma melania 

108 Ashy Petrel 4.0a 

OceaBodrnma homochroa> * * 


108. i Socorro Petrel 6.00 t : 4 

Oceanodroma socorroensia 

109 WiIson*s Petrel 

Qceanites. oeeanicus 

[no] White-bellied Petrel * 5.00 

Er egetta grallaria 


v v [116] Red-footed Booby 7J 

Suia piseator 



in White-faced Petrel 

Pelagodroixui marina ^ ' 

112 Yellow-billed Tropic Bird 3- 00 | 

Phaetiion americanus 

113 Red-billed Tropic Bird 3 . 50 3 jr, 

Phaethon sethereua 

113.3: Red-tailed Tropic Bird S 4^0 

Phaethon rubicund us 

[114] Blue-faced Booby 2.5a 

Suia eyanops 

114. i Blue-footed Booby 6.00 

Suia gossi 

11,5 Booby I -7S 

Suia suia # 

115.1 Brewster's Booby 8.00 

Suia brywstc-" 


* * 117 Gannet f fi 

Suia baasana j . 3 5 


Jy\ J2oa Florida Cormorant 


:n8 Anhinga 

Anhinga anhinga 

119 Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax carbo 

120 Donble-crested Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax dilophus 


-35 .2>° 

1.00 * <5 o 

Phalacrocorax dilophus floridanus 

1 20b White-crested Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax dilophus cincinatas 

120c Farallone Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax dilophus albociliat us 

y/S 121 Mexican Cormorant yc " 

Phalacrocorax mexicanus 

/^ 122 Brandt's Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax penicillatus 

123 Pelagic Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax pelagicus 

123a Violet-green Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax pelagicus robustUF 

1 / 

/ % 12$\> Baird's Cormorant y*y 

Phalacrocorax pelagicus resplendens 

124 Red-faced Cormorant 

Phalacrocorax urile 

( 125 American White Pelican 

Pelecanus erythrorhynchos 

126 Brown Pelican 

Pelecanas occid en talis 

i 127 California Brown Pelican Vj 



• 2 5 - .*• 

Pelecanus calif ornicus 

^128 Man-'o- War Bird 

Pretjata aquilla 












1 .Ao 

O o 


Nc> , Price 

/ 129 American Merganser /<? * 

Merganser americanus ^ / J* 

/ I3 o Red-Feasted Merganser /,o , 00 * £ 

Merganser serrator 1,vu O w 

131 Hooded Merganser 

Loohodytes cucullatus 3 5^" 

[131.1] Smew 

Mergus albellug. 1 . C O 


/ 132 Mallard j ^ 

Anas boschas . 30 

133 Black Duck: ^/ 

133a Red-legged Black Dtick 

Anas obscura rubripes 2.CO 

134 Florida Duck 

Anas futvigula 1 .CO 

134a Mottled Duck 

Anas f ulvigula maculosa 


* 75 ; 

135 Gadwell 

Chaaifclasmus strtperus- 


* .SO 


136 Widgeon 

Mitreca penelope 



* .40 


[137] Baldpate 

Mareca americana' 



y/ [138] European Teal /$ 


Nettion crecca *3 

139 Green-winged Teal x c 

Nofcf.inn no-pnlinpriRiS * *J 

Nettion carolinensis 

140 Blue-winged Teal // 2 

Quemuednla discors / 1 * «' 

141* Cinnamon Teal , Q 

Querquedula cyanoptera. 




141.1 Ruddy Sheldrake 

Casarca casarca 

/V 142 Shoveller 

tepatula clypeata 

143 Pintail acuta 

144 Wood Duck 

Aix sponsa 


75 * 4» V. 


35 -,3J| 

[145] Rufous-crested Duck 

Netta rufina 

/ /146 Redhead /V o 

Aythya americana 

v^ 147 Canvas-back '/f* 

Aythya vaUisneria 

148 American Scaup Duck 

Aythya ruarila 

y/ j 149 Lesser Scaup Duck 

Aythya afflnis 

150 Ring-necked Duck 

Aythya collaris 


V* 151 American Golden-eye y, 

Clangula clangula amer. 

152 Barrow's Golden-eye 

Glaucionetta islandica 

153 Buffle-head 

Charitonetta albeola 

/ 154 Old-squaw 

Clangula hyemalis 

1 155 Harlequin Duck 

Histrionicus histrionicus 

156 Labrador Duck 

Camptolaimus labradorius 


2.00 ™.JQ 

2.25 2 







2.50 * .80 



1. 00 

>: J 75 


No. Price 

157 Steller r s Duck $ 4.00 

Polysticta stelleri » 

158 Spectacled Eider 4 OG 

Arctonetta fiseber j 

159 Northern Eider * 

Somateria mol iissixaa boscu 

160 American Eider 

Somateria dresser i 

163 American Scoter 

Oidemia amerieana 

[164] Velvet Scoter - 

Oidemia f usca 


161 Pacific Eider 2.o 

Somateria, v-nigra 

162 King Eider 3.50 

Somateria speefcabiK® 

2 OO 



165 White-winged Scoter 2,0 ° 

Oidemia deglandi 

166 Surf Scoter 3-°o 

Oidemia perspicillata 

167 Ruddy Duck -3° 

Erismatura rubida 

[168] Masked Duck 

Nomonyx dominicus 

169 Lesser Snow Goose 

Cben hyperborea 

169a Greater Snow Goose 

Chen byperborea nivalis 

1 69. i Blue Goose 

Chen caeiulescens 

170 Ross's Snow Goose 

Chen rossii 




[171] White-fronted Goose 

Anser albif rons 


171a Am. White-fronted Goose 

Anser albifrdns gambeli 


271. 1 Bean Goose 

Anser fabalis 



172 Canada Goose 

Branta canadensis 

/172a Hutchiiis' Goose 

Branta c&uu,aensis hutcbinsii 

172b White-cheeked Goose 

Branta canadensis Occident. 


3- 0G l 

172c Cackling Goose 

Branta canadensis minima 

173 Brant 

Branta bernicla 

173a White-bellied Brant 

Branta bernicla glaucogastra 

174 Black Brant 

Branta nig'Mcans 

[175] Barnacle Goose 

Branta leucopsis 

176 Emperor Goose 

Philacte canagica 

177 Black-bellied Tree Duck 

Dendrocygna autumnalis 

178 Fulvous Tree-duck 

Dendrocygna fulva 

[179] Whooping Swan 

Olor cygnus 

180 Whistling Swan 

Olor Columbian us 


5 QO 


10 .00 

1 .80 


- j 




Nb Price 

181 Trumpeter Swan- • $ 7.C0 

Olor buccinator 

/v 182 American Flamingo // 

Pbaenieopterus ruber 

183 Roseate Spoonbill 

Ajaja ajaja, 


/v 184 White Ibis '/^ 

Guara alba , 

[185] Scarlet Ibis 

Guar a rubra 

186 Glossy Ibis 

Plegadia autumnalia 



[189] Jabiru 

Mycteria americana 

Botaurus lentiginosus \ a 

, / 191 Least Bittern 7r 'r 'fc '/+ 

Ardetta exilis 

1 91. i Cory's L,east Bittern 

Ardetta neoxena 

2 .OO 

2-75 3 

•3 Q 




>v 187 White-faced Glossy Ibis 

Plegadis guarauna • ^ 

188 Wood Ibis 1 .00 

Tantalus loculator 


190 American Bittern */^- W_ J jZ IOO 

l-J /\f rt 11 Mil C* I All +• 1 «-«»i t-\ AOll CTl — 


192 Great White Heron 1 .00 

Ardea occidentalis 

194 Great Blue Heron .40 

Ardea berodias 

194a Northwest Coast Heron 

Ardea herodias fannini v 

/ - 

194b Ward's Heron °° 

Ardea berodias wardi 


195 Eurpoean Blue Heron 

Ardea cinerea 

196 American Egret 

Herodias Egretta 




3i \\ 

197 Snowy Heron 

Egretta candidissima 

y<, 198 Reddish Egret 

Dichromanassa rufescens 

/i 199 Louisiana Heron 

Hydranassa tricolor ruflcollis 

200 Little Blue Heron 

Florida ccErulea 

1/ 201 Green Heron 

Butorides virescens 

201a Frazar's Green Heron 

Butorides virescens frazari 

201b Anthony's Green Heron 

Butorids virescens anthonyi 



v 203 Yellow-crowned Night Heron 

Nyctanassa violacea 

204 Whooping Crane 

Grus americana 

y/ / 

205 Little Brown Crane 

Grus canadensis 

206 Sandhill Crane 

Grus mexicana 

207 Limpkm 

Aramus giganteus 

sl, 208 King Rail #f &% Y,± 

Eallus elegans 

#4- /,. 

209 Belding's Rail 

Ballus beldingi 



y' 202 Black-crowned Night Heron J& ^5 

Nycticorax nycticorax nsevius 







r Dl 


No Price, 

Zio California Clapper Rail * - Q 

■Rallus *3 

2ii Clapper Rail .15 

Rail us crepitans 

21 ia Louisiana Clapper Rail .50 

Rallus crepitans saturatus 

21 lb Scott 's Rail 

Rallus crepitans scottii 

21 ic Waynes Clapper Rail r 

Rallus crepitans waynei *^ 


21 1. 2 Caribbean Clapper Rail 1 .00 

Rallus longirostris caribseus 

vv 212 Virginia Rail /C % .20 

Rallus virginianua 

[213] Spotted Crake ^40 3* 

Porzana porzana 

■ 7 

^4/214 Sora '7 fa &c**** .10 

215 Yellow Rail 

Porzana noveboracensis A ' 

2i6 Black Rail 12.00 

Porzana jamaicensis. 

[217] Corn Crake *^ Q 


218 Purple Gallinule 6 

Ionoris martinica * 

J v 219 Florida Gallinule % r fr \ 20 

Gallinula galeata 

[220] European Coot ^.30 

Fulica atra 


yj, 221 American Coot y .10 

Fulica americana 


S 4 

) ) 


222 Red Phalarope 

Crymophilus f ulicariua 

223 Northern Phalarope 

Phalaropus lobajtois 

224 Wilson's Phalarope 

Phalaropus tricolor 

225 American Avocet 

Recurvirostra americana 

y/ > 226 Black-necked Stilt 

Himantopus mexicanus 



5.<x) 3.00 


[227] European Woodcock 

Scolopax rusticola 

1/ 228 American Woodcock . /</' 

Philohela minor ;£*•#**»• 






.30 J 




£229] European Snipe 

(3-allinago gallinago 


230 Wilson's Snipe 

Grallinago delicata 

2 .50 

[230.1] Greater Snipe 

Gallinago major 


'4-5 ( > 

231 Dowitcher 

Macrorhamphus grlseus 

232 Long-billed Dowitcher 

Macrorhamphus scolopaceur 

2^Z Stilt Sandpiper 

Micropalama himantopus 

234 Knot 

Tringa canutus 

35 Purple Sandpiper 

Arquatella maritima 


5-oo w 3 .oo 

236 Aleutian Sandpiper 

Arquatella couesi 




Pr ce 

No ' 

237 Pribilof Sandpeper $ 

Arquatella ptilocnemis 

2 38 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper 

Actodromas accuminata 

239 Pectoral Sandpiper 

Actodromas maculata 

240 White-rumped Sandpiper 

Actodromas fuscicollis 

241 Baird^s Sandpiper 

Actodromas baiidii 

242 Least Sandpiper 

Actodromas minutilla 

243a Red-back Sandpiper 

Pelidna alpina sakhalina 

.9; 246 Semipalmated Sandpiper 

Ereunetes pusillus 

250 Pacific God wit 

Limosa lapponica bailed 

•i" *"*, 



[242.1] Long-toed Stint 25.OO 

Actodromas damacensis 

1 y 

[243] Dunlin J IS 

Pelidna alpina 

244 Curlew Sandpiper 

Erolia ferruginea 

[245] Spoon-bill Sandpiper 

Eurynorhynchus pygmssus 

I'oo '- 

247 Western Sandpiper 

Ereunetes occidentalis 

248 Sanderling 

Calidris arenaria 

249 Marbled Godwit 4-°° 

Limosa fedoa 


251 Hudsonian Godwit 

Limosa haemastica 

[252] Black-tailed Godwit 

Limosa limosa 

I 2 53] Green-shank 

Totanus nebularius 

254 Greater Yellow-legs 

Totanus melanoleucus 

255 Yellow-legs 

Totanus riavipes 

256 Solitary Sandpiper 

Totanus solitarius 

256a West. Solitary Sandpiper 

Totanus solitarius cinnamomeus 

[257] Green Sandpiper 

Totaaus ochropus 

258 Willet 

Sympnemia semipalinata 

258a Western Willet 

Sympnemia semipalmata inomata 

259 Wandering Tatler 

H 'terucdtis incanus 

[260] Ruff 

P.i voncella pugnax 

1/261 Bartramian Sandpiper 

Bartramia longicauda 

162 Buff-breasted Sandpiper 


Tryngites subruficoll 


v 263 Spotted Sandpiper '/ 

Actitis macularia ^ 

264 Long-billed Curlew 

Numenius longirostris 





6 .00 










Mo p nce 

265 Hudsonian Curlew $ 8.00 

Numenius hudsonicus 

• 266 Eskimo Curlew 

Numenius borealis 

[267] Whimbrel * .50 \ 

Numenius pbaeopus 

[268] Bristle-thighed Curlew 

Numenius taliitiensis 

[269] L,apwing ^.25 

Vanellus vanellus 

269.1 Dotterel *3 5°J> 

Eudromias niorinellus 

270 Black-bellied Plover 

Charadrius squatarola 

y// [271] Golden Plover '/$ *-6o 

Charadrius apricarius 

272 American Golden Plover 

Charadrius dominicus 

272a Pacific Golden Plover 

Charadrius dominicus f ulvus 


. \ 273 Kildeer *,v .20 

iEgialitis vocifera 

. '', -1 m 2.00 

y/ 274 Semipalmated Plover /j 

JEgialitis semipalmata 

275 Ring Plover .- - 4° 

iEgialitis hiaticula 

[276] Little Ring Plover *7° 

iEgialitis dubia 

277 Piping Plover 

iEgialitis meloda 

277a Belted Piping Plover 

iEgialitis meloda circumcincta 


I 00 

1. 00 


278 Snowy Plover 

JEgialitis nivosa 


[279] Mongolian Plover 

JEgialitis mongola 


5.OO - 

y/ 280 Wilson's Plover 

Ochthodromus wilsoni 


281' Mountain Plover 

Podasooys montana 

I .00 

282 Surf Bird 

Aphriza virgata 

283 Turnstone 

Arenaria interpres 

283.1 Ruddy Turnstone 

Arenaria morinella 

275 I 

4.00 3* ' 

284 Black Turnstone 

Arenaria melanocephala 

5 .00 

[285] Oyster-catcher 

Haematopus ostralegus 



286 American Oyster-catcher 

Haematopus palliatus 

1. 00 

286.1 Frazar's Oyster-catcher 

Haematopus f razari 


287 Black Oyster-catcher 

Haematopus bacbmani 


[288] Mexican Jacana 

Jacana spinosa 

V 289 Bob-white 

Colinus virginianus 



289a Florida Bob-white 

Colinus virginianus floridanus 

/- 289b Texan Bob-white 

Colinus virginianus texanus 




r 5 



291 Masked Bob-white $ 

Colinus ridgwayi 

292 Mountain Partridge 

Oreortyx pictos 


293 Scaled Partridge 


2.< O 

292a Plumed Partridge 

Oreortyx pictus pi umit eras ' 

292b San Pedro Partridge 2.50 

Oreortyx pietus eoafiiiis 

Callipepla sctuamata • / 5 


v 293a Chestnut-bellied SIM Pan 'A& r f> 

Callipepla squamata eastanogastris- ' ' " 

/V 294 California Partridge /£ .20 

Callipepla ealifornica 

294a Valley Partridge jc 

Callipepla calif ornica vallicola 

295 GambePs Partridge co 

Callipepla ganatoelii * -J 

vQ 296 Massena Partridge 

Cynonyx monfcezumse 

297 Dusky Grouse 2.50 

Dendragapus obscuras 


// 297a Sooty Grouse 1.50 

Dendiragapus obsettras fuliginosas 

297b Richardson's Grouse 3 c 

Dendragapus richardsonii 

297c Sierra Grouse 

Dendragaptis obscurus sierrae > 

298 Hudsonian Spruce Grouse 2 OQ 

Canachites canadensis 

298b Alaskan Spruce Grouse 

Canachites canadensis osgoodi 




298c Canadian Spruce Grouse 

Canacbites canadensis can ace 




299 Franklin's Grouse 

Dendragapus franklinii 

300 Ruffed Grouse 

Bonasa umbellus 


^ 300a Canadian Ruffed Grouse yf 



Bonasa umbellus togata 

300b Gray Ruffed Grouse 

Bonasa umbellus umbelloides 


300c Oregon Ruffed Grouse 

Bonasa umbellus sabini 

301 Willow Ptarmigan 

Lagopus lagopus 




3.25 -1.00 

7 J" 

301a Allen's Ptarmigan 

Lagopus lagopus alleni 



/ 302 Rock Ptarmigan 

Lagopus rupestris 



3.00 -.75 

302.1 Evermanns Ptarmigan 

Lagopus evermanni 

y 302a Reinhardt's Ptarmigan '/j 4.50 

Lagopus rupestis reinhardti ' 

302b Nelson's Ptarmigan 

Lagopus rupestris nelsoni 

302c Turner's Ptarmigan 

Lagopus rupestris atkhensis 

302d Townsend's Ptarmigan 

Lagopus rupestris townsendi 

V 303 Welch's Ptarmigan '/<r 

Lagopus welchi , f 

304 White-tailed Ptarmigan 

Lagopus leucurus 

3 5 



304a So. White-tail Ptarmigan $ 12.0a 

Lagopus leucurus altipetens 


/ 305 Prairie Hen '/f '/, * 

Tympaniaehus americanus *"* 

305a Atwater's Prairie Hem 

Ty mpan ucims americanus att 

306 Heath Hen 

Tympanuehus cupidb- 

307 Lesser Prairie Hen 2.50 

Tympanuchus pallidicinctu© 

/ Y 308 Sharp-tailed Grouse //^ 2.00 

Pediocaetes pbasianellus 

308a Coin. Sharp-tailed Grouse ~ r 

Pediocaetes pbasianellus columbianus ' ' ** 

308b Prairie Sharp-tailed Gr'se ^ 

Pediocaetes pkasianellus campestris. 

309 Sage Grouse 2.00 

Ceu-Woeere'&s wropbasianttS' 

310 Merrlams Wild Turkey- ^T-oo 

Meleagris gallopavo silvestris 

310a Mexican Turkey ,■ a QO 

Meleagris gallopaTo silvestris 

310b Florida Wild Turkey 

Meleagris gallopavo osceola 

• • 310c Rio Grande Turkey yif 5 .00 

Meleagris gallopavo ellioti 

/s 311 Chachalaca 'A .50 

Ortalis vetula maccalli 

312 Band-tailed Pigeon 1.25 

Columba fasciata 





512a Viosca'S Pigeon 

Columba faseiata viosc© 

y// 313 Red-billed Pigeon 

Columba flavirostris 



314 White-crowned Pigeon 

Columba leucocephala 


314. i W.I.White-crown'd Pigeon 

Columba squamosa 

315 Passenger Pigeon 

Ectopistes migratorius 

y 316 Mourning Dove 




Zenaidura macroura 

317 Zenaida Dove 

Zexiaida zenaida 

1. 00 

v^ 318 White-fronted Dove 

Leptotila fulviventris biacb 

315 White-winged Dove 

Melopelia leucoptera 


320 Ground Dove 

Columbigallina passerina tsrrestris 


320a Mexican Ground Dove 

Columbigallina piisserina pallesceni 


320b Bermuda Ground Dove 

Columbigalliua passerina bermudina 

321 Inca Dove 

Scardafella inca 



[322] Key West Quail-dove 

G-eotrygon martinica 

[322.1] Ruddy Quail-dove 

Geotrygnn montana 


1 ►I" 


No. Price 

[323] Blue-headed Quail-dove $ 

Starnoenas cyanocephala 

324 California Vulture 350 .00 

Gymnogyps calif ornianug 

yj v 3*5 Turkey Vulture % V^ I#2 r 

Catliartes aura *> 

J 3 a6 Black Vulture // T ^ 

* CaUiaristaatxata 

337 Swallow-tailed Kite 400o 

328 White-tailed Kite r 0O 

Elanus leucurus ^ 

329 Mississippi Kite 7 

Ictinia mississippiensis «5 ' <J 

330 Everglade Kite 

Rostrhamus soeiabuis ^ 

/ 33 1 Marsn Hawk .40 

Circus hudsonius -.. * t^j 

332 Sharp-shinned Hawk *h 2.00 

Accipiter velox. 

, ,, 

/ 333 Cooper's Hawk / >fr ,30 

Accipiter cooperi 

334 American Goshawk 6.00 

Accipiter atricapillus 

334a Western Goshawk 8.00 ^ 

Accipiter atricapillus striatulue 

,/ 335 Harris's Hawk '//. .40 

* Parabuteo unicintus harrisi 

I [336] European Buzzard r L *.6o 

V* Buteobuteo "A* 



y 337 Red-tailed Hawk £&**&'*' % 

Buteo borealis 


7° .C\ 

33J2L Krider's Hawk 

Buteo borealis kriderii 

y' 337b Western Red-tail 

w Buteo borealis calurus 



33 7d Harlan's Hawk 

Buteo borealis harlani 

3.00 ir* 

• 339 Red -shouldered Hawk /i4 /v*> M **' • 5° 

Buteo lineatus 

339a Fla. Red-shouldered Hawk 

Buteo lineatus alleni 

339b Red-bellied Hawk 

Buteo lineatus elegans 

340 Zone-tailed Hawk 

Buteo abbreviatus 

341 White-tailed Hawk 

Buteo albicaudatus sennetti 

342 Swainson's Hawk 

Buteo swainsoni 


343 Broad-winged Hawk 

Buteo platypterus 

344 Short-tailed Hawk 

Buteo brachyurus 

345 Mexican Black Hawk 

Urubitinga antbracina 

// 346 Mexican Goshawk 

Asturina plagiata 

/v [347] Rough-legged Hawk '/,/ 

Arcbi buteo lagopus 

47a Am. Rough-legged Hawk 

Archibuteo lagopus sancti-johannis 




1. 00 







4 .* 

.1 J 


No. p . 

^ 348 Ferruginous Rough-leg*- $ 1 r 1 

Archibuteo ferruginous ' > 

*J 349 Golden Eagle r<^ 

Annila fthrvsaetna 

Aquila chryssetos 

IO.OO /o,*<* 


[35°! Har py Ka ^ Ie 

Thrasaetos harpyia 


v4 [35 1 ] Gray Sea Eagle Vi 600 * 

Haliaetus albicilla O / „ 

• / 

/v 352 Bald Eagle % ? - (> ? wo 

Haiiasetus leucocepbalus / <*- ' ° 

352a Northern Bald Eagle g QO 

Haliseetus leucocephalus alascanus 

353 White Gyrfalcon l8 00 

Falco islandus 

354 Gray Gyrfalcon *, - 

Falco rusticolus u 

354a Gyrfalcon *i4.oo 

Falco rusticolus gyrfalco ^ 

354b Black Gyrfalcon 20>0o .£. 

^alco rusticolus obsoletus 

355 Prairie Falcon 6 

Falco mexicanus \j»\j\j 

356 Duck Hawk 6.00*4.00 

Falco peregrinus anatum 

356a Peale's Falcon 30.00 

Falco peregrinus pealei 

357 Pigeon Hawk 7.50 

Faico columbarius 

357a Black Merlin 

Falco columbarius suckleyf 

358 Richardson's Merlin 12.00 

Falco ricbardsonii 


J „ [358.1] Merlin '/ r *.8o 

Falco regulus 



359 Aplomado Falcon 

Falco fusco-coerulescens 




[359- J ] kestrel 

Falco tinnunculus 

^ 360 American Sparrow Hawk 

Falco sparverius 



'/* ft 

360a Desert Sparrow Hawk 

Falco sparverius plaaloraa 

360b St Lucas Sparrow Hawk 

Falco sparverius peninsularis 

3© ( w3« 

[361] Cuban Sparrow Hawk 

Faloo 4omiiaioe«sis 

y 362 Audubon's Caracara 

Polyborus cheriway 



363 Gaudalupe Caracara 

Polytoorus lutosus 

* 364 American Osprey 

Pandkwu naliaetus carolinensls 

1 .O'G 

365 American Barn Owl 

Strix pratincoSa 

366 American Long-eared Owl 

Asio wilsonianus 

.4 ( o 


667 Short-eared Owl 

Asio aceipitrinus 

1 00 * 60 

y v 368 Barred Owl gw**** 

Syrnium varium 

368a Florida Barred Owl 

Syrnium varium alleni 


368b Texas Barred Owl 

Syrnium nebulosum helveolum 


369 Spotted Owl 

Syrnium occidentale 

369a Northern Spotted Owl 

Syrnium occidentale caurinum 


No' Price 

370 Great Gray Owl $ 

Scotiaptex nebulosa 

[370a] Lapp Owl *8. 0O 

_ Scotiaptex nebulosa lapponica 

371 Richardson's Owl *<2.50 

Cryptoglaux tengmalmi ricbardsoni 

372 Saw-whet Owl 7 00 

Crypeoglaux acadia 

372a Western Saw Whet Owl 

Cryptoglaux acadia scotaea 

J 373 Screech Owl 'A -5° 

Megascops asio 

373a Florida Screech Owl 4° 

Megaseops asio floridanus 

f /' 373b Texan Screech Owl y^J, .50 

Megascoos asio mcealli 

373c California Screech Owl 

Megascops asio bendirei 

373.2 Xanthus Screech Owl 

Megascops xanthusi 



373d Kennicott's Screech Owl 4.00 

Megascops asio kennicottii 

373e Rocky Mt. Screech Owl .75 

Megascops asio maxwelliffi 

373f Mexican Screech Owl 1.50 

Megascops asio cineraceus 

373g Aiken's Screech Owl 

Megascops asio aikeni 

373I1 MacFarlane's Screech Owl 

Megascops asio macfarlanei 

373.1 Huachuca Screech Owl 

Megascops tricbopsis 



374 Flammulated Screech Owl $ 

Megascops ffamnftJw.a 

374a Dwarf Screech Owl 

Megascops ftammeola idahoensie 



v 375 Great Horned Owl #*, 

Bubo virginiai. us 

375a Western Horned Owl 

Bubo Virginian us pallescens 

375b Arctic Horned Owl 

Bubo virgiiiaanus arcticus 

375c Dusky Horned Owl 

Bubo virginianus saturatus 

]/ 375^ P acmc Horned Owl 

Bubo virg. paciflcus 

75e Dwarf Horned Owl 

Bubo virginianus elachistris 

376 Snowy Owl 

Nyctea nyctea 

\217\ Hawk Owl 

Surnia ulula 

377a American Hawk Owl 

Surnia uiula caparoch 

i +& % 






8.00 ^5.00 




78 Burrowing Owl 

Speotyto cunicuiaria bypogaea 

/v 37^ Florida Burrowing Owl 

Speotyto cunicularia floridana 

379 Pygmy Owl 

Glaucidium gnoma 

379a California Pygmy Owl 

Glaucidium gnoma californicum 

379.1 Hoskin's Pygmy Owl 

Glaucidium hoskinsii 






a « 


7.0© ¥r * * 


380 Ferruginous Pygmy Owl $ 4.00 v- 

Glaucidium phaiaenoides 

381 Elf Owl , a~ 

Micropallas whitneyi ^ ' 

382- Carolina Paroquet 

Conurus earolmerisis 

382,1 Thick-billed Parrot 

Khynehopsitta pachyrhyiichfe 

[383] Am' 

Crotophaga anf. 

384 Groove-billed Anf. 

Crotophaga sulcirostris- 

385 Road Runner 

G-eoeoceyx ealifornianus* 

/^ 387 Yellow-billed Cuckoo 

Coccyzus americanus 

387a California Cuckoo 

Coccyzus americanus occidental!^ 

/ 388 Black-billed Cuckoo <L 

flnnnvmio oi»Tr*-Vn»r»r»hf.'haTrYTner .* 

390 Belted Kingfisher SjL 

Ceryle alcyon. 

390.1 Ringed Kingfisher 

Ceryle torquata 

I.50* h 00 

i .00 ,7or 

.20 ,1-0 

386 Mangrove Cuckoo 

Coccyzus minor * • 5^ 

[386a] Maynard's Cuckoo 

Coccyzus minor maynardf 

,25 ,10 

I.5O . 

Coccyzus erythropnthalmus <*> ►/ 

388.1 Kamchatkan Cuckoo 

Cuculus canorus telephones 

[389] Coppery-tailed Trogon 

Trogon ambiguus 

•3° .M 



f 391 Texan Kingfisher $ 

V Ceryle cabansi 

392 Ivory-billed Woodpecker 


Campephilus principalis 


7. GO 7. ^ 

/ 393 Hairy Woodpecker 

Dryobates villosus 

: 'H j 

393a North. Hairy Woodpecker 

Dryobates villosus leucomelus 


393b South. Hairy Woodpecker 

Dryobates villosus audubonii 

■75 /•-"• 

393c Harris's Woodpecker 

Dryobates villosus narrisii 

1.5© .7J 

393d Cabanis's Woodpecker 

Dryobates villosus byloscopus 



393e Rocky Mt. Hairy Woodp'k'r 

Dryobates villosus monticola 


393* Qneen Charlotte Wood'p'kT 

Dryobates villosus picoidens 

394 Southern Downy Woodp'k'r 

Dryobates pubescens 


394a Gairdner's Woodpecker 

Dryobates pubescens gairdneri 

• 5© 

394b Batachelder's Woodpecker 

Dryobates pubescens oreoecus 



394c Downy Woodpecker 

Dryobates pubescens medianus 

394e Willow Woodpecker 

Dryobates pubescens turati 



. 1 J 


394d Nelson's Downy Woodp'k'r 

Dryobates pubescens nelsoni 

395 Red-cockaded Woodpecker 

Dryobates borealis 



No ' Prioe 

396 Baird's Woodpecker $ .40 

Dryobates scalaris bairdi 

396a Saint Lucas Woodpecker 

Dryobates scalaris lucasanus 

397 NuttalPs Woodpecker 1.00 f.o* 

Dryobates nuttallii 

398 Arizona Woodpecker 

Dryobates arizonse 

402 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker '/* 

Sphyrapieus varius 

2.00 l.Jd 

399 White-headed Woodpecker 2.00 

Xenopicus albolarvatus 

400 Arctic Three-toed W'odp'k 6o ° X ° * 

Picoides areiieus 

401 Am. three-toed Woodpecker 5.00 li' 

Picoides americanus 

401a Alask. Three-toed WMp'k 

Picoides americanus fasc. 

401b Alpine Three-toed Wo'dp'k 

Picoides americanus dorsalis 

75 .7J 

402a Red-naped Sapsucker *75 

Sphyrapieus varius nnebalis 

403 Red-breasted Sapsucker I, 5° 

Spbyrapicus ruber 

I ^O 

403a NorthernRed-br. Sapsucker " D 

Sphyrapieus ruber notkensis 

404 Willamson's Sapsucker 1.50 

Sphyrapieus thyroideus 

, O 

405 Pileated Woodpecker 4-5° 

Ceophloeus pileatus 

405a Northern PileatedWoodpVr 6.00 

Ceopbloeus pileatus abieticola 



Melanerpes erythrocepl 


406 Red-headed Woodpecker / $ .15 

lUuiflnfli-nfls ervthroceolialus 

/ o 

407 Ant-eating Woodpecker 

Melanerpes formicivorus 

/•• * 

407a California Woodpecker 

Melanerpes form, bairdi 



407b Narrow-fronted Woodpecker 

Melanerpes formicivorus angustifrons 


408 Lewis's Woodpecker 

Melanerpes torquatus 

■ 5<> ii/V 

409 Red-bellied Woodpecker 

Melanerpes carolinus 

410 Golden-fronted Woodp'k'r 

Melanerpes aurifrons 



411 Gila Woodpecker 

Melanerpes uropygialis 

y 412 Flicker • /g 

Colapes auratus 

412a Northern Flicker 

Colaptes auratus luteus 




413 Red-shafted Flicker 

Colaptes cafer collaris 



413a Northwestern Flicker 

Colaptes cafer saturatior 

414 Gilded Flicker 

Colaptes chrysoides 

414a Brown Flicker 

Colaptes chrysoides brunnescena 

415 Gaudalupe Flicker 

Colaptes ruftpileus 

f 416 Chuck -will's-widow 

Antrostomus carolinensis 

/ 417 Whip-poor-will 

Antrostomns vociferus 



• 2 5 


2.50 %,. 






417a Stephen's Whip-poor-wilT 

Antrostomus vocilerus macromystax. 

418 Poor-will 

Phalsenoptilus nuttalli 

418a Frosted Poor-will 

Phalaanoptilus nuttalli nitidus 

418b Dusky Poor-will 

Phalasnoptilus nuttalli calif ornieua 

419 Merrill's Parauque Jj»-. 

Nyetidromus- albicollis merrilli 

yj 420 Nighthawk Jt 


a .* 





l 9 \ 

3 5° 




Chord eiles virginianus 

420a Western Nighthawk 

Chorideiles virginianus henryf 

X J 420b Florida Nighthawk *75 .J J 

Chordeiles virginianus chapman! 

420c Sennett 7 s Nighthawk .")**! 

Chordelies virginianus sennetti 


y v 421 Texan Nighthawk V v -4° 

Chordeiles texensis / 



422 Black Swift niger , . 

/ 423 Chimney Swift %^ t ' **;•>*' 

Chaetura pelagica 

424 Vaux's Swift 

Chaaatura vauxii 

425 White-throated Swift 

Aeronautes inelimoleucus 

426 Rivoli Hummingbird 5-°° 

Eugenes fulgens 

427 Blue-throated Hummingbird 

Cceligena clemenciae 



v 428 Ruby-throated Hummingbird $ 

Trochiius colubria 


,80 J J 


/*429 Black-chinned Hummingbird 'fy/fn/J^^o *f 

Throchilus alexandri 

429.1 Violet-throated Hu'nii'b'd 

Trochiius violajugulum 

430 Costa's Hummingbird 

Calypte costee 

431 Anna's Hummingbird 

Calypte aniia 

-50 & 

.4.0 $~4 

431. 1 Floresi's Hummingbird 

Selasphorus fioresii 

432 Broad-tailed Hummingbird 

Selasphorus platycercus , 


433 Rufous Hummingbird 

Selasphorus rufus 


434 Allen's Hummingbird 

Selasphorus alleni 


435 Morcoms' Hummingbird 

Atthis morcomi 

436 Calliope Hummingbird 

Stellu'a calliope 

^.50 h o 

437 Lucifer Hummingbird 

Calothorax lucifer 

438 Reiner's Hummingbird 

Amizilis tzacatl 

439 Buff-bellied Hummingbird 

Amizilis cerviniventris chal. 


440 Xantus's Hummingbird 

Basilinna xantusi 

440.1 White-eared Hummingb'd 

Basilinna leucotis 


N°- Price 

441 Broad-billed Hummingbird 

Iache latirostris 

441. i Xantus's Becard r 

Platypsaris albiventris 

[442] Fork-tailed Flycatcher 

Mil vulus tyrannus 

443 Scissor-tailed Flycatcher .15 ./# 

Milvulus f orficatus 

J 444 Kingbird '/ */ *°5 .* 

Tyrannus tyrannus '9 

445 Gray Kingbird 2.oo 

Tyrannus doimnicensia 

446 Couch's Kingbird i.oo 

Tyrannus melanehollcus couchix 

^ v 447 Arkansas Kingbird ya .10 J 

Tyrannus \ ertiealis 

J > 448 Cassin's Kingbird '/*/ .20 \"> 

Tyrannus vociferans 

449 Derby Flycatcher 

Pitangus derbianus 

452 Crested Flycatcher //_ '/ 

Mviarchns erinitus 

2.00 ; 

[450] Giraud's Flycatcher I «75 •° 

Myiozetetes similis super. 

451 Sulpher-bellied Flycatcher 2 *°° <^ a 

Myiodynastes luteiventris 


453 Mexican Crested Flycatcher .35 

Myiarchus mexicanus 

453a Arizona Crested Flycatcher 

Myiarchus mexicanus magister 

454 Ash-throated Flycatcher 

Myiarchus cinerascens 



- & » 

•5° . 


, <>o 


454b Lower Cal. Flycatcher 

^yiarchus cinerascens pestinax 



455 Lawrence's Flycatcher 

Myiarchus la wrenoeii 


/^ < 

455a Olivaceous I'lycatcher 

Myiarchus lawrenceii olivascens 

2-5° I-** 

/ 456 Phcebe ; /a U'L .05 

Sayornis phcebe u 


457 Say's Phoebe 

Sayornis saya 


458 Black Phcebe 

Sayornis nigricans 

459 Olive-sided Flycatcher 

Nuttallornis borealis 

460 Coues's Flycatcher 

Contopus pertinax pallidiv. 

461 Wood Pewee 

Contopus virens 

462 Western Wood Pewee 

Contopus richardsonii 

462a Large-billed Wood Pewee 

Contopus ricbardsonii peninsulas 



463 Yellow-billed Flycatcher 

Empidonax naviventris 

464 Western Flycatcher 

Empidonax difficilis 

464.1 St. Lucas Flycatcher 

Empidonax cineritius 

464.2 Santa Barbara Flycatcher 

Empidonax insulicola 

465 Green Crested Flycatcher 

Empidonax viroscens 






f I 

/■ ■ 

lr* 4 " 


20 J I 

I 25 

IS *>• 

I f 

No - Price 

»i5 ,/f 

466 Traill's Flycatcher U$ 

Empidonax traillil 

^ 466a Alder Flycatcher {%^ *. ' 

Empidonax traillir alnoruTBk 

^ - 2 5. ^ 

467 Least Flycatcher .15 /£ 

Empidonax minimus. 

468 Hammond's Flycatcher ■ 1.25 /.<?• 

Empidonax baiumondi 

469 Wright's Flycatcher 1.2^ 

Empidonax wrightii 

469.1 Gray Flycatcher 

Empidonax eanescens 

[470] Fulvous Flycatcher 

Empidonax fulvifrons 

Aluada arvensis 


470a Buff-breasted Flycatcher 10.00 J7 tf 

Empidonax fulvifrons pygmseus 

471 Vermillion Flycatcher 1.00 .6 

Pyrocephalus rubineus mexicanus 

472 Beardless Flycatcher 

Ornethion imberbe 

472a Ridgeway Flycatrher 

Ornithion imberbe ridgeway i 

[473] Skylark *.2o , ,- 

474 Horned Lark T nn f 

Otoooria alpestris R 

I. OO A ° 

474a Pallid Horned Lark 

Otocoris aluestna articola * tKjyj • ' 


474b Prairie Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris praticola 

474c Desert Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris leucolaema 

474d Texan Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris giraudi 

474e Mexican Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris actia 

474f Ruddy Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris rube a 

474g Streaked Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris strigata 

474I1 Scorched Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris adusta 



;\ M 





.3 * 








A t>s» 

474i Dusky Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris merrillii 


474J Sonoran Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris pallida 

474k Hoyt's Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestns hoyti 

474I Montezuma Horned Lark 

Otocoris alpestris occidentalis 

474m Island Horned Lark 

Otocoris alnestris insularis 


475 American Magpie 

Pica pica hudsonica 

476 Yellow-billed Magpie 

Pica nuttalli 

/2o . ' 


477 Blue Jay /^ >/+ y, 

Cyanocitta cristata 


477a Florida Blue Jay 

Cyanocitta cristata florincola 


. 3>o 

478 Steller's Jay 

Cyanocitta stelleri 




478a Blue-fronted Jay 

Cyanocitta stelleri frontalis 

478b Long-crested Jay 

Cyanocitta stelleri diad. 

478c Black-headed Jay 

Cyanocitta stelleri anneetens 



1. 00 

1.50 /.v: 

47Sd Queen Charlotte Jay 

Cyanocitta stelleri carlottae 

479 Florida Jay 

Aphelocoma cyanea 

3 7.5 **] 

480 Woodhouse's Jay 

Aphelocoma woodhousei 

.80 /, 

480.1 Blue-eared Jay 

Aphelocoma cyanoti© 

6/0 ?.<!* 

480.2 Texan Jay 

Aphelocoma texan& 

481 California Jay 

Aphelocoma californica; 

•?5 */ 

481a _Xantus T s Jay 

Aphelocoma californica hypolencs 

481b Belding's Jay 

Aphelocoma californica obscura 


481. 1 Santa Cruz Jay 

Aphelocoma insnlaris 

ZOO j. 

482 Arizona Jay 

Aphelocoma sieberi arizona* 

I. OO 

482a Couchs' Jay 

Amphelocoma sieberii couchii 

483 Green Jay 

Xanthoma luxuosa glaucescens. 

484 Canada Jay 

Perisoreus canadensis 

I. CO /• 

6.0O I 

484a Rocky Mountain Jay 

Perisoreus canadensis capitalia 





i... I 


484b Alaskan Jay % 13.00 

Perisoreus canadensis fr.zaifrons 

484c Labrador Jay 

Perisoreus canadensis nigricapillus 

485 Oregon Jay 4.00 

Perisoreus obscurus 

485a Gray Jay 3. © 

Perisoreus obscurus griseus 

486 American Raven 3.00 ***' 

Corvus corax sinuatus 

486a Northern Raven 3-5° 

Corvus corax principalis 

r*~*H W 

487 White-necked Raven .75 

Corvus cryptoleucus 


V 488 American Crow '/s-'U '/»- '■-'/$ * 'k - IO 

Corvus brachyrhynchos 

488a Florida Crow .30 J $ 

Corvus brachyrhyncbrs passcuus 

489 Northwest Crow H co 

Corvus caurinus 

490 Fish Crow .50 

Corvus ossif ragus 

491 Clarke's Nutcracker 15 .00 /*7^ 

Nucifraga columbiana 

492 Pinon Jay 

Cyanocepbalus cyanocephalus 

T.50 2v* 

[493] Starling 

Sturnus vulgaris 


V' 494 Bobolink 

Dolicbonyx oryzivorus 

U '/f >k 



494a Western Bobolink 

Dolichonyx oryzivorous albinucba 



/ Price 

/ 495 Cowbird 

Molothrus ateif 

495a Dwarf Cowbird 

Molothrus ater obscurus* 

•°5 . °* 

.10 . 

4.96 Red-eyed Cowbird 

©allothrus rohustus -£\\> . " 

Jj 497 Yellow-Headed Blackbird % 'A hu I( >, 

Xanthocephakis xanthocephalug. 

J 498 Red-winged Blackbird j£ ^ '/c'fc -°5 .°> 

Y Agelaius phegBiiceu& " ^ 3 % ' 

498a Sonoran Red-wing: IO , ^ 

Agelaius phcenAeeusoiu 

1 498B Bahaman Red-wing; 

Agelaius phcenieus byranti 


498c Florida Red-wing - a 

Agelaius phoe. floridanus 

498d Thick-billed Red-wing; 

Agelaius pheeniceus fortis 

498e San Diego Red-wing ,i r 

Agelaius phoenius neutralis 

4'98'f Northwestern Red-wing r j^ 

Agelaius phoe, caurinus 

498g Vera Cruz Red-wing£^/~ ty 

Agelaius phoe. richmondi 

499 Bicoloied Blackbird .05 

Agelaius gubernator cal. 

500 Tricolored Blackbird .15 

Agelaius tricolor 

y 501 Meadowlark ^c^ <je ^ .20 

SturneLla magna 

501a Rio Grande Meadowlark rfc*y***> -3° 

Sturnella magna mexicana 


501b Western Meadowlafk 

Sturnella magna neglecta 

'501c Soutnern Meadowlarl^*-^ 1 

Sturuella magna argutula 

[502J Troupial 

Icterus icterus 

503 Audubon's Oriole 

Icterus melaru audubouii 

504 Scotfs Oriole 

icterus parisorum 

505 Hooded Oriole 

Icterus cucullatus sennetti 

J J 5°5 a Arizona Hooded Oriole 

Icterus cucullatus nelsoni 

506 Orchard Oriole 

Icterus spurius 



507 Baltimore Oriole 

Icterus galbula 

508 Bullock's Oriole 
Icterus bullocki 

,509 Rusty Blackbird 

Euphagus earolinus 

510 Brewer's Blackbird 

Euphagus cyanocephaluc 

511 Purple Grackle 

Quiscalus quiscula 

511a Florida Grackle 

Quiscalus quiscula agljeus 

/^5iib Bronzed Grackle '/</ 

Quiscalus quiscala aoneus 


■*5 **o 

,20 . trS 

2:0© 2* 


/,<T t 

.50 ,3 


.IS ,/* 
.15 . / • 


.05 , /o 



No. p fl0e 

*/ 513 Boat-tailed Grackle $ .10 

Megaquiscalus major 

513a Great-tailed Grackle . 1^ c 

Megaquiscalus major rnacrourus 

514 Evening Grosbeak 

Hesperiphona vespertinus 

514a West'n Evening Grosbeak 

Hesperiphona vespertinus montanua 

515 Pine Grosbeak 5 °° t'\ 

Pinicola enucleator leucura. 

515a Rocky Mt. Pine Grosbeak 

Pinicola enucleator montana 

515b Cal. Pine Grosbeak 

Pinicola enucleator calif. 

515c Alaskan Pine Grosbeak 

Pinicola enucleator alascensis 

513d Kadiak Pine Grosbeak 

Pinicola enucleator flammula 

[516] Cassin's Bullfinch 

Pyrrhula cassini 

518 Cassin's Purple Finch 

Carpodacus cassini 


517 Purple Finch 5° 

Carpodacus purpureus 

517a California Purple Finch 4° 

Carpodacus purpureus californicus 

I .OC) /• 

519 House Finch .05 

Carpodacus mexicanus frontalis 

519b St. Lucas House Finch 75 

Carpodacus mexicanus ruberrimus 

519c San Clemen te House Finch 1.00 

Carpodacus mex. dementis 

No Price 

520 Guadalupe House Finch J,o® 


520,1 McGregors House Finch 

/Carpodacus mcgregori 

525 Black L,encosticte 

Leuoosticte atrata 

J 529 American Goldfinch .10 

Astragalinus tristis 



521 American -Crossbill 15.00 

Loxia curvirostra minor 

521a Mexican Crossbill 7 ^ 

.Loxiaem'vir©s£ra Strickland! 

•522 White-winged Crossbill 0:5.0© 

Loxia leucoptera 

523 Aleutian Leucosticte a: 2. 00 

Xieucestiefce jridseenucha 

524 Gray Crowned Leucosticte 3 2.00 

Jjeuoosfckifee fcephpocotis 

524a Hepburn's l,euoosticte 

OLencosticiie teph-roeatis littoralie 

,526 Brown-capped I^eucosticte 

H,euoQsticte australis 

527 Greenland Redpoll 2 .00 

Acanthis howiemannii 

527a Hoary Redpoll ^ 5© 

Acanthis harnemannii exilipes 

528 Redpoll ^.50 

528a HoibcelTs Redpoll 2.00 

Acanthis iinaria hoi bosllii 

528b Greater Redpoll 4 .00 

Acanthis linaria rostrata 


529a Pale Goldfinch ,, % ,25 .it 

Spinus tristis pallidus 




529b Willow Goldfinch {, C&*" $ , ^ 

Astragalinus tristis salic.^ 

530 Arkansas Goldfinch ^ ? 

Astragalinus. psaltria ** 

530a Green backed Goldfinch 

Astragalinus psaltria besp- 

531 Lawrence's Goldfinch 40 

Astragalinus lawrencei 

[532} Black-headed Goldfinch 

Spinus notatus. 

533 Pine Siskin g 

Spinus pinus 


S £-~^~~ <£^?C-^ 

534 Snowflake *j 0O 

Passerina nivalis 

534a Pribilof Snowflake 2.50 2. 

Passerina nivalis townsendf 

535 McKay's Snowflake 

Passerina toyperboreus 

536 Lapland Longspur 2»oo *i.oa 

Calearius lapponicus 

536a Alaskan Longspur 2 qo j 

Calcarius lapponicus alas, 

537 Smith's Longspur 

Calcarius pictus 

3.OO • 

538 Chestnut-collared Longspur .50 

Calcarius omatus 

539 McCowan's Longspur 

Bbyncbophanes mccownii 

y/ /540 Vesper Sparrow -V- 

Pnnoootoa crT-ominons 

I. OO 



Poocsetes gramineus 

540a Western Vesper Sparrow 25 

Poocsetes gramineus conflnis 

540b Oregon Vesper Sparrow 4o 

Poocsetes gramineus afflnis 


No. Price 

541 Ipswich Sparrow $ 5.00 

Passerculus princeps 

542 Sandwich Sparrow 2.50 *~4% 

Passerculus sandwichensis 

542a Savanna Sparrow *25 

Passerculus saud wichensis savanna 

544 Large-billed Sparrow 

Passerculus rostratus 


544a St. Lucas Sparrow 3.0© 

Passerculus rostratus guttatus 

544b Iyagoon Sparrow 

Passerculus ffost. halophilus 

544c San Benito Sparrow 

Passerculus rost. sanctorum 



542b Western Savanna Sparrow .25 .^LS 

Passerculus sandwichensis alaudiaus 

542c Bryant's Marsh Sparrow ac.oo 

Passerculus sandwichensis bryanti 

.543 Belding's Marsh Sparrow £.00 

Passerculus beldingi 

545 Baird's Sparrow 2 co 

Ooturniculus bairdii 

546 Grasshopper Sparrow 5^ . ** 

Ooturniculus savannarum passerinus 

546a West. Grasshopper Sparrow -7° * '* 

Ooturniculus savaniuLrum bim. 

546b Fla. Grasshopper Sparrow * 00 

Ooturniculus sav. fioridanus 

547 Henslow's Sparrow 1.50 

Ammodramus henslowii 

547a West'n Henslow's Sparrow 

Ammodramus henslowii occidental is 


fifo. Price 

* 3 5<> : 

548 Leconte's Sparrow 

Ammndramus lecontei 

549 Sharp-tailed Sparrow- .50 

Ammodraraus eaudaeutus 

7 549.1 Nelson's Sparrow '/j 

549.1a Acadian Sb'p-t ailed Spa'w 

Ammodwamus caudacatus su-bvirgatusv 

550b Texan Seaside Sparrow 

AMmodxam-us- maritimus seanetti 

550c Louisiana Seaside Sparrow 

Ammodramus maritimus fis&eri 

55od MacGilliwray's S'de Sp>arV 

Ammodraraivs mar. macgilliwraii 

551 Dusky Seaside Sparrow 

AmmbdraBaus nigrescent 

3.5O. £•<* 

3. O 

550 Seaside Sparrow 4 (> , 2^ 

Ammodramtts maritimus- 

550a Scott's Seaside Sparrow 

Ammodi'amns maritimus peninsulas' 

552 Lark Sparrow io 

Chondestes grammactig 

552a Western Lark Sparrow . 1 o 

€h»ndeste» grammaeus scrigatu^ 

553 Harris's Sparrow 

Zonotri^hia querula- 

554 White-crowned Sparrow 1.00 

ZonoU'iehia l^ucophrys 

554a Gambell Sparrow I. 25 

Zonotrichia leucoplirya gaMbellS 

554b Nuttall's Sparrow .20 

Zoaotrichia leucophrys nuttalll 


557 Golden-crowned Sparrow / y» : 

Zonotrichia coronata 

558 White-throated Sparrow $ .80 

Zonotricnia a-lUioollis 

.559 Tree Sparrow 2.00 ^- 0< 

Spizeila monticola 

t ^ ■ 

559a Western Tree Sparrow **" 

■Spizeila monticola ochracea 

/ 560 Chipping Sparrow f * *L - i0 

Spizeila socialis *f 

560a Western Chipping Sparrow • J ° 

Spizeila socialis arizonae 

561 Clay-colored Sparrow =60 

Spizeila pallida 

562 Brewer's Sparrow 1 1.50 

Spizeila breweri 

\/ 563 Field Sparrow V 

'3 «°5 

Spizeila pusilla 

563a Western Field Sparrow ,60 

Spizeila pusilla arenacea 

564 Worth en^s Sparrow 

Spizeila wortheni 

565 Black-chinned Sparrow 3-5° & 

Spizeila atrigularis 

566 White-winged Junco 1.50 

Junco aikeni 

567 Slate-colored Junco r 

Junco hyeiualis 

567a Oregon Junco ,75 

Junco byemalis oreganus 

567b Shtifeldt's Junco 100 y|< 

Junco bvemalis connecteus • • 


Wei Price 

567c Thurber's Junco 

75 .7H 








Junco hyemalis thurberi 

567c! Point Pinos Junco 

Junco hyemalis pinosus- 

567c Carolina Junco 

Junco hy emalis caroiinensift 

567.1 Montana Junco* 

Junco montanus 

568 Pink-sided Junco- 

Junco mearnsi 

568.1 Ridgway's Junco? 

Junco annectens 

569 Gray-headed Junco j ,00 

Junco canicepa 

570 Arizona Junco i#2 e; 

Juneo phaeonotus palliatus 

570a Red-backed Junco 2.00 

Junco phaeonotus dorsalis 

571 Balrd's Junco 

Junco bairdi 

571. i Townsend's Junco 

Junco townsendi 

572 Guadalupe Junco 

Junco insularis 

573 Black-throated Sparrow .35 

Amphispiza bilineata 

573a Desert Sparrow .75 

Amphispiza bil. deserticok 

574 Bell's Sparrow 75 

Amphispiza belli 

574a Sage Sparrow T r 

Amphispiza belli nevadensis 


574b Cinereous Sparrow 

Amphispiza belli cinerea 

575 Pine-wood Sparrow 

Peucaen aestivalis 


I .GO /»o« 

575a Baclrman>s Sparrow ^ c 

Peuceea asstivalis bachmanii, 

/ £■ 



576 Botteris Sparrow ^ 00 /. *- 

Peucaea boiterri 

577 Mexican Sparrow 

Peucaea naexioana 


578 Cassin's Sparrow i.^© 

Peucsea- ■cassini 

579 Rufous-winged Sparrow ,3.00 

Aimophia carpalis 

f 80 Rufous-crowned Sparrow 7.00 3- 

Aimopnila ruflceps 

580a Scott's Sparrow 3.0© 

Aimopnila ruficeps scottil 

580b Rock Sparrow 

Aimopnila ruflceps eremoeca 

580c L,aguna Sparrow 

Aimopnila ruficep soror 

• 581 Song Sparrow '/c'llt'At -*°? *3 

Melosniza cinerea melodia »* 

581a Desert Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea fallax 

581b Mountain Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea montana 

58 1 c Heermann's Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea montana 

58id SamuePs Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea samueli * 5 






No. Price 

58 ie Rusty Song Sparrow $ -2 o ,* 

Melospiza cinerea morphna 

58 if Sooty Song Sparrow 1.5 a 

Melospiza cinerea rufina » 

5811 San Clemente Song Spar'w 

Melospiza cinerea clementaa 

5813 Dakota Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea juddi 

581k Merrill's Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea merrilli 

58 ig Brown's Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea rivularis 

58 1 h Santa Barbara SongSpax'w 3.00 

Melospiza cinerea graminea 

2 OO / W 


581I Alameda Song Sparrow .40 

Melospiza cinerea pnsiiiula 

581m San Diego Song Sparrow -3° 

Melospiza cinerea cooperi 

58 m Yukatat Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea caurina 

5810 Kenai Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea kenaisnsis 

5811 BischofPs Song Sparrow 

Melospiza cinerea insignis 

582 Aleutian Song Sparrow 3- 00 •* 

Melospiza cinera 

583 Lincoln's Sparrow 1.50 

Melosoiza lincolni 

583a Forbush's Sparrow 

Melospiza lincolni striata 

/ 584 vSwamp Sparrow '/ .30 

-Melospiza georgiana *^ 

585 Fox Sparrow 1 .2 5 

Passerella iliaca 


585a Townsend's Sparrow 

Passerella iliaca unalaschcensis 



585b Thick-billed Sparrow 

Passerella Iliaca megarhyncha 



,585c Slate-colored Sparrow 

Passerella iliaca scbistacea 



$856. Stephen's Sparrow 

Passerella iliaca ^Stephens! 


.586 Texas Sparrow 

Arremonops rufivirgata 


,587 Towhee /3T 

Pipilo erythrophtlialiiius 




587a White-eyed Towhee 

Pipilo erythrophthalmus alleni 


588 Arctic Towhee 

Pipilo maculatus arcticus 

0* • « 

588a Spurred Towhee 

Pipilo maculatus megalonyx 



588b Oregon Towhee 

Pipilo maculatus oregonus 

588c San Clemente Towhee 

Pipilo maculatus <clementae 

588d San Diego Towhee 

Pipilo maculatus atratus 

588e Large-billed Towhee 

Pipilo maculatus raagnirostriS 


589 Guadalupe Towhee 

Pipilo consobrinus 

590 Green-tailed Towhee 

Pipilo chlorura 


591 Canon Towhee 

Pipilo fuscus mesoleuCUS 


. A 




591a St. Lucas Townee $ ^ - 

Pipilo f uscus albigula 

591b California Towhee .15 

Pipilo f uscus crisealis 

591c Anthony^s Towbee .15 

Pipii© f useus seniciala 

592 Abert r s Towhee .50 

Pipilo aberti 
?$>,* *£x**~ l£jt~* 

v 593 Cardinal 

Gavdinalis cardinal i@ 


.IO ,^« 

/* 593 a Arizona Cardinal 1,00 

Cla.mli n alia, navdina 1 1 *j e.n,m«v1mB 

Cardiaalia cardinalls super&o® 

593b St. Lucas Cardinal 3.00 *-* 


593c Gray-tailed Cardinal .30 

Cardiualis cardiaalis eanicaudus: . 

593d Florida Cardinal I00 

Cardiaalis eardinalis floridanas 

594 Arizona Pyrrhnloxia 2.00 

Pyrrhnloxia sinuata 

594b St. Lucas Pyrrhnloxia 3 00 

Pyri-hqlQatf a adnata peninsula© 

594a Texas Cardinal -75 

Pyrrhuloxia sinuata texana 

595 Rose-breast@<$ Grosbeak #2 o 

Zaraelodia ludovioiana 

596 Black-headed Grosbeak .15 \ ? A 

Zamelodia melanocephala 

597 Blue Grosbeak .40 

Guiraca ceerulea 

597a Western Blue Grosbeak a q 

Guiraca ceerulea lazula 


No. Price 

f 598 Indigo Bunting 

Cyanospiza cyanea 

603 Grassquit 

Tiaris tricolor 

[603.1] Melodious Grassquit 

Tiaris canora 

.10 ,/» 

599 Lazuli Bunting **5 •** 

Cyanospiza aracena 

600 Varied Bunting 3-0© /W« 

Cyaaospiza versicolor ** 

600a Beautiful Bunting 

Cyanospiza versicolor pulchra, 

601 Painted Bunting • wI 5 

Cyanosi)iza ciris 


602 Morellets Seedeater . 3.00 

Sporopirila morelleti 

/* & o 

COO /.*' 

604 Dickcissel _ - 16 

Spiza americana 

605 Lark Bunting •*« ' ty 

Calamospiza melanocorys 

606 Blue-headed Euphonia £-. »o* 

Euphonia elegantissima 

607 Louisiana Tanager 1.00 

Piranga ludoviciana 

608 Scarlet Tanager £> */d> » 2 5 

Piranga erythromelas 


609 Hepatic Tanager 3- 00 

Piranga hepatica 

610 Summer Tanager '3° • * 

Piranga rubra 

610a Cooper's Tanager I -5° :i i.ubra cooperi 


611 Purple Martin 

Progne subis 

6na Western Martin 

Progne subis besperia* 

611.1 Cuban Martin 

Progne orypfcoleucar 

J 612 Cliff Swallow 

Peti-ocheliden lunrfrons 

612a Cesser Cliff Swallow kin. taohioa 

612B Mexican Cliff Swallow 

etrotbelidon lun. melanogastara:. 


[61 2.1] Cuban Cliff Swallow 

Petrocbelidon f ulva 

613 Barn Swallow 

Hirundo ery tbrogastra 

614 Tree Swallow 

IridojDrocne bicolor 

615 Violet-green Swallow 

Taeyeineta tbalassina lepidat 

615a St. I,ucas Swallow 

Tacbycimeta tbal. bracbyptera' 

[615. i ] Bahamian Swallow 

(Jalli/ebeiidon cyaneoviridis> 




/. » 








y' 616 Bank Swallow 4~ ^ ,05 

Ripar ia riperia 

\//6i7 Rough-winged Swallow '/* .35 

Stelgidopteryx sernpennis / 

618 Bohemian Waxwing * r g * I0 .oo 

Ampelis garrulus "^ 

v/ 619 Cedar Waxwing */ •/, T ^ 

Ampelis cedrorum * O ^ 


No. Price # 

620 Phainopepla $ . ,30 Ji 

Pbainopepla nitens 

621 Northern Shrike 1.25 '* J~ 

Lanius borealis 

$y& 622 Loggerhead Shrike %~ 7^ '/£ ,10 

Lanius ludovicianus , g 

*/ ^C^p, 

.tftff^jfatHfi^db- ^U 

622a White-rurnped Shrike ^10 { /o 

Lanius ludovicianus excubitorides 

622b California Shrike 10 . 1, / * 

Lanius ludovicianus gambeli 

v 62 2e Migrant Shrike 

Vireo solitarius 


622c Island Shrike 2.00 

Lanius ludov. anthonyi 

62 2d San Clemente Shrike 

Lanius lud. mearnsi 

Lanius lud. migrans 

623 Black-whiskered Vireo x % *& 

Vireo calidris barbatulus 

624 Red-eyed Vireo 'L> .ic 

Vireo olivaceus * * 

625 Yellow-green Vireo 

Vireo flavoviridis 

626 Philadelphia Vireo 

Vireo philadelphicus 

627 Warbling Vireo 

Vireo gilvus 

627a W. Warbling Vireo 

Vireo gilvus swainsonii 







< 628 Yellow-throated Vireo ./v? Xa . 3 *' 

Vireo navifrons 


629 Blue-headed Vireo 2. 00 '"*"-» 

629a Cassin's Vireo 

Vireo solitaries cassiniE 

629b Plumbeous Vireo 

Vireo solitaries plembeus 


I 00 74* 
•75 A 

629c Mountain Solitary Vireo* 

Vireo solitaries alticola 

6296I St. I^ucas Solitary Vireo> 

Vireo solitaries leeasanus 

630 Black-capped Vireo 

Vireo atricapiUus 

631 White-eyed Vireo 

Vive©- noveboraeensis 

ia Key West Vireo 

Vireo noveboraceasis maynardii 

631b Bermuda Vireo 

Vireo novoboTaceasis bermedianes 


1.25 /. r % 

.25 .** 

3.00 ii , 

631c Small White Eyed Vireo 

Vireo novoboracensis micrus 

632 Hutton's Vireo 

Vireo button! 

632a Stephen's Vireo 

Vireo button! Stephens! 

632c Anthony's Vireo 

Vireo buttoni obscures 

633 Bell's Vireo 

Vireo belli! 

633.1 Least Vireo 

Vireo pusillua 

634 Gray Vireo 

Viieo vicinior 

635 Bahama Honey Creeper 

Coereba bahamensi* 

Y 636 Black and White Warbler •/ 

M.n irit.i 1 fai. vn.ria. i *'' 

1.25 r 
2.50 u*\ 





1. 00 


637 ProtTionotary WarMef $ ^o 2^ 

Protonotaria citrea 

638 Swamson's Warbler 2,00 //♦ 

He.) kiaia s waiasoaii ' 

639 Woirn-eating Warbler z t g@ //*,, 

HekQitheras veraaivorus 

640 Bach-man's Warbler 

.HeJmijj.thoph.ila te&camaai 

641 Blue-winged Warbler 

Helmin t hophila pinus 

642 Golden-winged Warbler 

HeJaaiJi-Lhopaila chrysoptera 

643 Lucy's Warbler 

Helmiii fchophila lucias 

644 Virginia's Warbler 

Heimiathophila Virginia 

645 Nashville Warbler 

Helminthophila rubricapilla 

645a Calaveras Warbler 

Helminthophila rubricapilla guttur&lis 

646 Orange-crowned Warbler 

Helrainthopkila celata 

646a L,utescent Warbler 

HeLminthcsphJla ceJata luiescens 

646b Dusky Warbler .3.0© 

Helmiutltophila celata sordida. 

647 Tennessee Warbler a 0Q * * *~* 

Helminthophila peregrina 

648 Parula Warbler yC 

Compsotalypis americana ' ^ * 5 

648a Northern Parula Warbler ,25 

Compsotalypis americana usneae 








£> <J*^» 





3 00 


•* «*-» 

Na Price 

. 649 Sennett's Warbler $ 2.00 

Compsothlypis piti. uigrii 

650 Cape May Warbler 

Dendroiea tigrina, 

651 Olive Warbler 

Dendroiea olivacea- 

/ 652 Yellow Warbler '/- y, y >/* /// .05 . ^ 

Dendroiea ae&tiva 

656 Audubon's Warbler 

Dendroiea auduboni 

656a Black-fronted Warbler 

Dendroiea auduboni nigrifrons 

Dendroiea maculosa 

>5° jfs 

1 .50 Sq 

Dendroiea. ae&tiva 

652a Sonora Yellow Warbler 

Dendroiea aestiva sonorana 

652b Alaskan Yellow Warbler 

Deadroica ase&iiva rubiginosa 

653 Mangrove Warbler 

Dendroiea bi-yanti castaneiceps 

654 Bl'k-throated Blue Warbler 2 QO , 

Dendroiea caernlescens 

654a Cairns Warbler 2 c - 

Dendroiea casr, cairnsi 

655 Myrtle Warbler 1,50 /.>« 

Dendroiea coronata 


»* to 

657 Magnolia Warbler ^ 

658 Cerulean Warbler 2.75 

Dendroiea cerulea 

659 Chestnut-sided Warbler . j e ,*<*j 

Dendroiea pennsylvanica 

660 Bay-breasted Warbler 2 ?& 2~*> 

Dendrocia castanea 

661 Black-poll Warbler 1.50 t 

Dendroiea striata 


No Price 

662 Black bur man Warbler $ 3,50 ^r 

Dendroica blaekburniae 

663 Yellow-throated Warbler 2.50 '**~ 

Dendroica dominica 

665 Black-throated Gray Warbler 

Dendroica nigrcscens 

669 Hermit Warbler 

Dendroica ©ccidentalis 

670 Kirtland 7 s Warblei 

Dendroica kirtlandi 

671 Pine Warbler 

Dendroica vigorsii 

672 Palm Warbler 

Dendroica palmarum 

672a Yellow Palm Warbler 

Dendroica palmarum hypochrysea 

673 Prairie Warbler y? 

Dendroica discolor ^ 

<J c 

663a Sycamore Warbler &' 00 *T 

Dendroica dominica albilors, 

664 Graced Warbler 5.00 J* -*; 

Dendroica graciae 


666 Golden-cheeked Warbler 6.oo 

Dendroica chrysoparia 

667 EPk-tFted Green Warbler *r 4, 

Dendroica virens ** 

668 Townsend's Warbler 

Dendroica townsendi 

P*. *» • 



1. 00 



JT • « 


!?• • 



674 Oven-bird */i~"/j * 25 

Seiurus aurocanillus / * 

675 Water-Thrush I<G o /«•»• 

Seiurus noveboracensis 


675a Grinnel's Water-Thrush $ 2.00 /.r 

Seiuxus ouvebaraceusis uotaUL.o 

/ 676 Louisiana Water-Thrush fJ ' * 

Seiurus motacilla /f *5" »" 

677 Kentucky Warbler 

Geothlypis fornxosa 

678 Connecticut Warbler 

Geothlypis agilis 

y/ 683 Yellow-breasted Chat */u '/,/- 

Tn.+.erin. virena 

Icteria virens 


679 Mourning Warbler r 00 3,-jjj 

Geothlypis Philadelphia * 

680 Macgillivray^s Warbler 1 c 

Geothlypis tolmiei 

/ 681 Maryland Yellow-throat '/<s .50 ,vf 

Geothlypis trichas 

68 ia Western Yellow-throat 1.00 fc« 

Geothlypis trichas oceidentalis 

681b Florida Yellow-throat 1.00 /.*>«: 

Geothlypis trichas ignota 

681c Pacific Yellow-throat .40 ,iS 

Geothlypis trichas arizela 

68 id Northern Yellow Throat .25 

Geothlypis trichas brachidactyla 

68ie Salt Marsh Yellow Throat I -°° 

Geothlypis trichas sinuosa 

682 Belding's Yellow-throat 2.50 

Geothlypis beldingi 

682. 1 Rio Grande Yellow Throat 1 .00 A » 

Geothlypis poliocephala 

.10 .' c 

683a Long-tailed Chat .15 

Icteria virens lougicauda 


No. Price 

684 Hooded Warbler $ 75 - 4 

Wilsonia micrafca 

685 Wilson's Warbler 2.00 

Wilsonia pusilla 

685a Pileolated Warbler 

Wilsonia, pusilla pileolata 

685b Golden Pileolated Warbler 

Wilsonia pusilla chryseola 


25 A W 

1. 00 


686 Canadian Warbler 2.00 Ai 

Wilsonia canadensis 


687 American Redstart •;'■ 3 .20 

Setophaga ruticilla 


688 Painted Redstart 2 .oo &*** 

Setophaga picta 

[689] Red-bellied Redstart 

Setophaga miniata 

690 Red-faced Warbler 2.50 !*<T* 

Cardellina rubrifrons 

[691] Red Warbler 

Ergaticus ruber 

[692] Brasher's Warbler 

Basileuterus culicivorus brasher! 

[693] BelPsWarber 

Basiieuterus belli 

[694] White Wagtail *. 2 t> ./o* 


[695] Swinhoe's Wagtail *i.50 <•' - 

Motacilla ocularis 

696 Alaskan Yellow Wagtail /»^%» 

Buuytes flavus alascensis. 

697 American Pipit , 

Anthus pensilvanicus x, 



[698] Meadow Pipit 

Anthus pratensis 

[699] Red-throated Pipit 

Anthus cervinua 

700 Spragne's Pipit 

Anthus spragueii 

701 American Dipper 

Cinclus mexicanus 

702 Sag-e Thrasher 

Qroscoptes montanus 

/ 703 Mockingbird 

Mimas polyglottos- 

703a Western Mockingbird .10 •«fl 

1 Mimus polyglottos leucopterus 

/ 704 Catbird 'U'/*'/* oi ; 

Q-aleoscoptes carolinensis- * v> * " 

y/ 705 Brown Thrasher %- Jfe 0< J 

Toxostoma ruf us •' 

706 Sennett y s Thrasher # f - 

Toxostoma km girostris sennettf * ^ 

707 Curve-billed Thrasher , ~ 

Trvxnatckma. p.urvirostris * J 

709a Mearns's Thrasher 

Toxostoma einereus- raearnsis 


Toxostoma redivivus 

Toxostoma red. pasadenensis 






J -2S 



.iTi : 



707a Palmer's Thrasher 1.00 ^~ 

Toxostoma curvirostris palmer! 

708 Bendire r s Thrasher - 

Toxostoma ben direi ' // 

709 St. Lucas Thrasher * 0O , J 

Toxostoma cinereus 

^/ 710 California Thrasher y? .29 ,>«H 

710a Pasadena Thrasher 2 - ^ 

No. Price 

711 Leconte's Thrasher '$ 3.25 ill 

Toxostoma lecontei 

711a Desert Thrasher 

Toxostoma lecontei aren 

712 Crissal Thrasher g ^ w 

Toxostoma crissalis * 

713 Cactus Wren i Q 

Heieodytes brunneicapiLius oouesi ^ 

713a Bryant's Cactus Wren .50 .J ^ 

Heleodytes brunneicapillus bryante 

713b St. Lucus Cactus Wren 1.00 /- w • 

Heleodytes brti. affinis 

715 Rock Wren i.oo d* 

Salpinctes obsoletus 

716 Guadalupe Rock Wren 4 ;o© J« w • 

Salpinctes guadeloupensis 

[717] White-throated Wren K 00 

Catberpes mexicanus alb. 

717a Canon Wren I#00 

Catberpes mexicanus conspersus 

717b Dotted Canon Wren 

Catberpes mexicanus punctulatus 

1.25 /.-■ 

718 Carolina Wren jr # /j" 

Tbryotborus ludovicianus 

718a Florida Wren a q j^ 

Tbryotborus ludovicianus miamensis 

718b Iyomita Wren , - ,. 

Tbryotborus ludovicianus lomitensis &H* 

719 Bewick's Wren ?r 3 j* 

Tbryomanes be wick ii 

719a Vigor's Wren ^ Q J*l 

Tbryomanes bewickii spilurus 

719b Baird's Wren 40 t l*£ 

Thryomanes bewickii leucoer. 


No. Price 

719c Texas Bewick Wren $ .40 t 

Thryomanes bewickii cryptus 

yigd California Bewick Wren nc ^ 

Thryomanes bewickii char, 

719c Pacific Bewick Wren y ~ 

Thryomanes bewickii calophoatis * i O 4 

719.1 b'an Clemen te Wren o 00 

Thryomanes leucoyhrys 

720 Guadalupe Wren 

Thryomanes brevicaudus 

/ 721 House Wren */r ^ ^w^* .10 , 6 

Troglod ytes aedora 

721a Parkman's Wren .10 

Troglodytes aedon parkmanii 

721b Western House Wren .10 

Troglodytes aedon aztecus 

722 Winter Wren 2.25 2^ 

Olbiorcbilus hiemaliis 

722a Western Winter Wren 

OUiiorchilus hiemalis pacificus 

722b Kadiak Winter Wren 

Olbiorcbilus hiemalis helleri 

J 725 Long-billed Marsh Wren 

Telmatodytes palustris ' ' '/•* +4* 


725b Worthington's Marsh Wren 

Telmatodytes palustris griseus 



723 Alaskan Wren 4.0a *£« 

Olbiorchilus alaseensis 

723.1 Aleutian Wren 

Olbiorchilus meligera 

>/ 724 Short-billed Marsh Wren 1,25 'i~© 

Cistothorus stellaris 


725a Tule Wren .10 

Telmatodytes palustris paludicola 

•25 >« 

725c Western Marsli Wren $ -*5 

Telmatodytes palustirspleisus 

725e Marianas Marsh Wren 

Cistothorus pal. marianas 

726 Brown Creeper **25 f, ^~* 

Certhia familiaris americana 

726a Mexican Creeper 3* 00 

Certhia familiaris albescens 

Certhia familiaris m on tan a 

727a Slender-billed Nuthatch 

Sitta carolinensis aculeata 

1» * -■* 

726b Rocky Mountain Creeper 5-00 

726c California Creeper S°° ^-* 

Certhia familiaris occidentalis 

7 26d Sierra Creeper 6 .00 fT -* 

Certhia familiaris zelotes 

727 White-breasted Nuthatch -75 

Sitta carolinensis 


.80 J I 

727b Fla. White-br't'd Nuthatch I -°° 

Sitta carolinensis atkinsi A — w 

728 Red-breasted Nuthatch 

Sitta canadensis 


729 Brown headed Nuthatch -4° .^ 

Sitta pusi-lla 

730 Pygmy Nuthatch -5° . 

Sitta pygniaea 

730a White-naped Nuthatch 

Sitta pyginaea leuconucha 

731 Tufted Titmouse 

Baeolophus bicolor 

731a Texan Tufted Titmouse I '°° 

Baeolophus bicolor texensis 

060 . J" 







2 .OO L*>4 

732 Black-crested Titmouse $■ 

Baeolophus atncristatus 

733 Plain Titmouse 

Baeolophus ino?jnatus 

733a Gray Titmouse 

Baeolophus moi-natus- griseus 

733b Ashly Titmouse 

Baeolophus inornat us Gineraeeits 

733c San Francisco Titmouse 

BaeoJophus inor. restrictus* 

734 Bridled Titmouse 

Baeolophus wollweberi 

J 735 Chickadee % 'A 

Parus atrksapOias 

735a Long-tailed Chickadee .60 J o | 

Parus atrlcapillus septeatrkHialla: 

735b Oregon Chickadee -75 J* 

Parus atricapillus occideatalis 

735c Turner's Chickadee 

Parus atr. turner! 

736 Carolina Chickadee ,20 jf 

Parus caroliaensis 

736a Plumbeous Chickadee .50 

Parus carolinensis agilis 

737 Mexican Chickadee 1-25 h*o 

Parus sclateri 

738 Mountain Chickadee 6° • *~° 

Parus ganibeli 

739 Siberian Chickadee I>2 5 '''" 

Parus cinctus alascenis 

740 Hudsonian Chickadee 2.50 *"<*» 

Parus hudsonicus 


No Price 

740a Kowak Chickadee 

Parus hudsonicus stoneyi 

740b Columbian Chickadee % 3,00 ;,»« 

Parus hudsonicus columbianus 

741 Chestnut b'ked Chickadee 1.50 

Parus ruf esoens 

741a Californian Chickadee I# r m ?f 

Parus rufescens negleotus * ^ 

3.OO 2"~* 

741b Barlow's Chickadee 

Parus rufescens barlowi 

742 Wren-Tit 

Ohamsea fasciata 

742a Pallid Wren-Tit 

Chamaea fasciata henshawi 

742b Coast Wren-Tit 

Chamaea fasciata phsea 

747 Kennicott's Willow Warbl 

Phyllopseustes borea'is 


1. 00 

1. 00 


1. 00 a *« 

743 Bush-Tit m2 r z^s 

Psaltriparus minimus 

743a California B.ush-Tit #I c /£ 

Psaltriparus minimus calif ornicus 

743b Grinda's Bush-Tit 

Psaltriparus minimus grinds© 

744 L,ead-colored Bush-Tit r r 

Psaltriparus plumbeus *^ 

745 Llyod's Bush-Tit 

Psaltriparus melan. lloydi 

746 Verdin 

Auriparus flaviceps 

746a Pacific Verdin 

Auriparus flaviceps lamp. 








748 Golden-crowned Kinglet 6.50 

Regulus satrapa 


No. Price 

748a W. Goiden-Cr'ned Kinglet $"■ *| 

Regulus satrapa olivaceus 

749 Ruby-crowned Kinglet 8.00 -*. 

Regulus calendula 

749a Sitka Kinglet 

Regulus calendula gnnn^lE 

749b Dusky Kinglet 

Regulus calendula obscurus 

751 Blue-gray Gnatcatcber .40 < 

Polioptila cssralea 

751a Western Gnatcatcber -5°>4 

Polioptila CEerulea obscura 

752 Plumbeous Gnatcatcber .75 -, J 

Polioptila plunibea 

753 Black-tailed Gnatcatcber .75 7 

Polioptila ealif orniea 

754 Townsend's Solitaire 4.oo* >J «j 

Myadestes to'wnpendii 

/ 755 Wood Thrush -/<* / 3 .10,* J 

Hylocichla mustelin us. 

756 Wilson's Thrush .20. f*ii 

Hylocichla f uscescens 

756a Willow Thrusb 1.25 i<m 

Hylocichla f uscescens salicicola 

757 Gray-cheeked Thrusb 

Hylocichla alicige 

757a Bicknell's Thrnsh i-5° 

Hylocichla alicse bioknelli . 


758 Russet-backed Thrusb • 1 5 - ; 

Hylocichla ustulatus 

758a Olive-backed Thrush .40 \ 

Hylocichla ustulatus swainsonii 



No. y . , Price 

758b Pacific Olive-backed Thrush J .20 

Hylociclila ustulatus oedica 

758c Almas Thrush 

Hylocichla ustulatus almae 

759 Alaska Hermit Thrush 

Hylocichla guttata 

759c Dwarf Hermit Thrush 3.00 

Hylocichla guttata nana 

759a Audubon's Hermit Thrush 2.50 /*^*5a 

Hylocichla guttata auduboni 

759b Hermit Thrush '/^ c () , J~* 

Hylocichla guttata pallasii ** 

X. «* * 

[760] Red-winged Thrush ^,50 ,3«*" 

Turdus iliacus 

761 American Robin vl v£- .05 

Merula migratoria 

761a Western Robin IV . ti> f 

Merula migratoria propinqua * ^ 

761b Southern Robin .10 ./« 

Merula migratoria achrustera 

762 St. L,ucas Robin 

Merula confinis 

763 Varied Thrush 3.50 3*i~* 

Ixoreus naevisB 

763a Northern Varied Thrush 3 °° 

Ixoreus naeviae meruloides 

[764] Red-spotted Bluethroat *i-75 

Cyanecula suecica 

765 Wheatear *.2S .< S~ 

Saxicola oenanthe 

765a Greenland Wheatear 

Saxicola oenanthe leucorhoe 

/ No. 

v 766 Bluebird '/<s '^Vr 

No, Price 

Sialia sialis 

766a Azure Bluebird 2.00 

Sialia sialis azurea 

767 Western Bluebird T - X 

Sialia mexicana ' ^ * 

767a Chestnut-back Bluebird m c ft 

Qialio movipuTia. Viairrli *J • 

Sialia mexicana bairdi 

768 Mountain Bluebird 

Sialia arctica 


This list contains only such species as have 
been introduced into the United States and 
are known to breed in the wild state. 

\f English Pheasant / 7 



/ J Golden Pheasant '/// 

Chrysolophus pictus 

/ Black Grouse '/jr 

Tetrao tetrix 


767b San Pedro Bluebird 2 00 t.& 

. Sialia mexicana anabelsa 


English Pheasant /? .25 

Pbasianus colcbicus 

Ring Pheasant . ^o 

Phasianus torquatus 

Green Pheasant 

Phasianus versicor 

Silver Pheasant 

Euplocomus nycthemeru 



European Goldfinch * . 4 

Carduelis carduelis 

English Sparrow c 

Passer domesticua ^ 


O. and O. Directory 

Note — Abbreviations in this Directory of well known 
Oologists will be readily understood, as : "Ex. D", ex- 
changes desired; "W. P.", will purchase; "Coll. B and E," 
collection birds and eggs; "Sp.", specialty; "Rap. and 
Wat. B.", Raptores and water birds; "Off. esp.", offers 
especially; "Ex. Pho.," exchange photos of birds, etc. 

C. B. Johnson, Box 192, Red Wing, Minn. Oologist; 
Specialty, Hawks. Exch. D. 

A. E. Price, Field Oologist, Grant Park, 111. Exchanges 
desired. Warblers a specialty. 

J. G. Gordon, F.E.S., M.B. F.C., Corsemalzie, Whau- 
phill, Wigtownshire, Scotland. Collects eggs and Lepi- 
doptera of the world. Specialty, Rap. and Wat. Birds 
(ducks with down only). Ex. D. Off. espec. British 
and Icelandic sets, exch. or sale. 

J. Claire Wood; 179, 17th Street, Detroit, Michigan — 
Member A.O.U. and M.O.C.; Associate Ed. of Mich. Bull- 
Will exc. eggs in sets with all collectors. Series a speci- 
ality. Correspondence solicited. All letters answered. 

W. C. Ohlendorf, M.D., 647 Blue Island avenue, Chi- 
cago, 111. Buy and enchange birds' eggs and skins. Have 
a collection. 

Harold C. Ward : M.C.O.C, 723 Paru street, Alameda, 
Cal. Has. Coll. nests and eggs. Specialty water birds 
and Raptores. 

Harry J. Lelande, 1366 Newton street, Los Angeles, Cal. 
M.C.O.C., Skins and eggs of California and Arizona birds. 

N. K. Carpenter, Escondido, San Diego county, Cal., 
M CO C. Has coll. E. Ex D. Off. esp. sets Southern Cal- 
ifornia land bird-. 

Geo. W. Luce. M.C.O.C, Havwards, Alameda Co., 
Cal. Has Coll. B. & E. 

W. Otto Emerson, Haywards, Alameda Co., Cal. Has 
Coll. B. & E. Ex.D. Sea B. & Pho. 

L. R. Kessing, 1430 Santa Clara avenue, Alameda, Cal. 
M.C.O.C. Is interested in photographs of birds, nests 
and eggs. 

Harold H. Bailey, Newport News, Virginia. Ex. D. 
in birds' eggs, and skins exchanged for eggs. 

George R. Rose, Niles, Alameda county, Cal. Ex. D. 
in birds' eggs. 

Charles S. Thompson, Secretary Cooper Orn. Club, 
Stanford University. Cal. Collecting Oologist. Exchan- 
ges solicited. Specialties, Golden Eagle, woodpeckers, 
six species; Yellow-billed Magpio; hawks and owls. Wants 
sets of ducks, geese and swans, with nests; also waders 
and Raptores. Will purchase desiderata. J 


fsaac E. Hess, Fhilo. 111. Private collector and Taxi.. 
dermist. Specialty, in sets for exchange. 305, 337, 373, 
622. 604, 731. Photos nests and eggs "In situ". 

F. M. Dille, MX.O.C., 644 Gilpin street, Denver, Colo_ 
rado. Has collection. B. and E Specials and reliables: 
^he Sapsuckers and Woodpeckers of the Rocky Mountains, 
and the Flycatchers of the Rocky Mountains; Sage Grouse , 
American Raven and Pinon Jay. 

W. L. Chambers, M.C.O.C., Santa Monica, Calif. Has 
colT'B. and E. Ex. D. 

C. J.Pennock, M.A.O.U., Kennett Square ,'Chester coun- 
ty, Penn. Coll. B. and E. Ex. D. 

H. W. Carriger, M.C.O.C, Field Oologist. 486 Eddy 
street, San Francisco, Cal. Correspondence solicited 
with advanced collectors, for whom I might collect under 
certain conditions. 

E dward Arnold, 126 West Van Buren St., Battle Creek. 
Mich. Collection of birds and eggs. Specialty, Raptores, 
Waders and Warblers. Exchanges desired. Offer fine 
list of duplicates. Will purchase rare eggs. 

Henry F. Bailey, Member C.O.C., Santa Cruz, Calif. 
Has coll. B.E., and nests, principally western land birds. 

D. Wilby, Box 374, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Buys 
sells and exchanges bird skins and photographs of nests 
and eggs. Specialities, Alberta and European sets. Send 
your exchange lists, etc. 

Fred B. Spaulding, M.A.O.U., Lancaster, N.H. Has 
collection of eggs. Specialties, Raptores and Warblers. 
Ex. D. W. P. eggs. 

Jesse C. A. Meeker, Danbury, Conn. M.A.O.U. Has 
coll. B. and E. Spec, Rap. and Warblers. Ex. D. Off. 
esp. sets of Warblers. 

Philo W. Smith Jr., M.A.O.U., Mona House, St. Louis, 
Mo. Has coll. B., E. and nests. Spec, Rap. and Warb. 
Ex. D. W. P. 

George W. Morse, Assoc, member A.O.U. ; member 
Michigan Orn. Club and A.S. of C.C. No. 329; Ashley, 
Indiana, P O. box 230. Has coll. eggs. Ex. D. 


Howard Skales, Mount Forest. Ontario. Member 
Wellington Field Naturalists Club and Ottawa Field Natu - 
ralists Club. Has coll. B. and E. Specialty, Warblers. 
Ex. D. W. P. eggs. 

E. R. Forrest, Washington, Wash. Co., Perm. Has 
coll. of eggs. Specialty, Rap. and Wat. B. Ex. D. Ex. 
Pho. W. P. eggs. Also collect ancient and modern In- 
dian relics, Aztec pottery, etc. Ex. Pho. of cliff dwellings, 

Edmonde S. Currier, 607 South J street, Tacoma, Wash- 
ington. Has coll. eggs. Collector of sets of North Am- 
erican birds. Exch. D. 

Roy P. Thompson, Box 45, Creston, Iowa. Eggs for 
exchange or sale. Fine, first class specimens. 

J. S. Appleton, Simi, Ventura Co., Cal. Field Oologist. 
Exchanges solicited. 

John H. Flanagan, M.A.O U. and Cooper Orn. Club. 
Has collection and desires general exchange. 10 Wey- 
bosset street, Providence, R.I. 

r J. and J. W. Mailliard, Members A.O.U 307 Sansome 
street, San Francisco, California. Have coll. B. and E 
Ex, D. 

F. E. Newberry, 730 Pacific avenue, Alameda, Cal 
Correspondence solicited. 

R. L. Jesse, M.D., Philo, 111. Collects and exchanges 
North American birds' eggs in full sets with data. 

Burlington Willis, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. O- 
ologist. Has coll. eggs. 

Robert Breckon, Waterdown, Ontario, Canada. O- 
ologist. Has coll. of eggs. 

A. D. Doerge, Navasota, Texas. Desires to exchang e 
fine sets of eggs from his locality for medium rare sets an^ 
the rarer sets of Hawks and Wat. B. of other localities. 

Henry B. Kaeding. M.C.O.C, care Lee M. Olds, 401 
Parrott Building, San Francisco, California. Collects 
bird skins and eggs. Specialty, skins. Will exch. photos. 
of birds, etc. 


Donald A. Cohen, M.O.C.C, field ornithologist, Ala- 
meda, California. Ornithology and Oology. Sale and 
Exchange. Some for exchange for stamps — No cheap 
ones wanted. 

Louis B. Bishop, M.D., F.A.O.U., 356 Orange street, 
New Haven, Conn. Has Coll. B. and E. Should like » 
to enlarge both from time to time by exchange with re- 
liable collectors or by purchase. 

Chauncey W. Crandall,M.A.O.U.Woodside, Borough of 
Queens. N. Y. Has coll. B. and E. (aLo nests): speci- 
alty, Raptores, Caprimulgidse. Warblers and Waders. 
Ex. D. of all species. W.P. Especially desires oppor- 
tunity to inspect large series in search of new types for 

C. A Aykens, Madelia, Minn. Coll. of eggs. Speci- 
alty, Waders and Wa J B. Ex. D. Off. sets of South- 
ern Minn. eggs. 

Roswell S. Whepler L4li Grand street, Alameda, Cal. 
M.C.O.C. Has coll. of North America nests and eggs 

John B. Dixon, Oologist, Escondido, San Diego county, 
Calif. Has coll. of eggs. Offers western species, and 
desires especially offers of Raptores; also Cranes, 
Loons and the larger species. 

Oliver M. Davie, Ornithologist, Oologist, Taxidermist. 
Has collection of mounted birds and eggs. Dealer in 
supplies and books for the Naturalist. Columbus, Ohio. 

Clifford M. Case, Oologist. Hartford, Conn. 

J. H. Evans, Santa Rosa, Cal. Collector of North Am- 
erican and British birds' eggs. Speciality — New England 
sets. Ex. D. Offer Western sets. Phots, exchanged. 
W.P. New England sets. 

H W. Beers, M.A.O.U., Bridgeport, Conn. Has coll- 
of birds and eggs. Specialty, eggs of Raptores and Warb- 
lers. Ex. D. 

Verdi Burtch. Branchport, N.Y. Collection of nests 
and eggs. Specialty, Mniotiltidas. Ex. D. Can fur- 
nish sets of Casrulean Warbler in season. 

Roy C. Norris, Richmond, Ind. Will buy or exchange 
for all eggs in sets. Send List. 

Wright M. Pierce, M.C.O.C. Claremont, Calif. Has 
coll. of N. and E. Exchanges desired for sets of Water 
Birds' eggs 

J. W. and W. G. Kay, Detroit, Mich. Has coll. B.and 
E. Specialty Hks and Water B. Ex. D. Off. Es. Mich. 
E. Ex. Pho. W. P. eggs. 

Joseph Grinnell, M.C.O.C, M.P.C.M.C, Pasadena, Cal 
Has collection of birds and mammals: will exch. eggs and 
skins of birds, and skins with skulls of mammals, for same. 
Wish to piirchase fresh specimens directly from collectors. 


"W. H. Bingaman, Algona, Iowa, Box 151. Collection 
of nests and eggs. Specialty — Waders and Warblers. 
Ex. D. W. P. sets of above if reasonable. Must be from 
original collector. 

R. G. Hazard, M.A.O.U., Peace Dale, R.I., Ornithologist 
and Oologist 

A. H Felger, Dept. of Biol., North Side High School, 
Denver, Colo B. and E. Ex. desired with first class 
collectors, especially in E. S. and W. parts of U. S. 
Specialty, most beautifully made skins of Colo, birds. 

Ray Densmore, Perry, Ohio. Has coll. eggs for ex- 
change and for sale at most all times. 

J. H. Bowles. M.C.O.C, 401 South G street, Tacoma ; 
Washington. Has coll. B. and E. Ex D. of fine sets 
in exchange for those of the North-west. 

Albert M. Tngersoll, M.A.O.U., San Diego, Cal. Has 
coll. B. and E. 

John W. Daniel Jr., M.A.O.U., 1794 Lanier avenue, 
N. W., Washington, D.C. Has coll. B.and E.; Specialty, 

W. E. Saunders, M.A O.U., London, Ontario. Has 
coll. B. and E. Exch. D. Specialty, Cerulean Warblers, 

Alexander W. Blain, Jr. 131 Elmwood Ave., Detroit 
Mich. Mem. A O.U., M.A.S., W.O.C., A.A.A.S., etc. Ed, 
"Bull. Mich. Orn. Club." Wanted notes on Gt. Blue 
Heron from all parts of America. Correspondence so- 

Walter C. Newberry, 415 Chippewa St., Mt. Pleasant, 
Michigan. Has coll. of B. and E. Specialty, Warblers 
and Sparrows. Ex. D. Will buy and sell for cash. 

Clarence S. Sharpe, M.C.O.C, Escondido, Calif. Has 
coll. B. and E. Exch. D 

Henry Reed Taylor, Alameda. California, President 
Cooper Ornithological Club, collects eggs and has 
a collection. Desire espec. sets showing unusual mark- 
ings and of well individualized character, as Cranes, many 
Raptores, Albatrosses, Loons, Waders, etc. Will pay 
the highest cash price or fine exchange for sets of S wallow- 
tailed Kite. Collectors would do well to communicate 
on this subject if they have any eggs of this Kite. A few 
sets Everglade Kite also desired. Usually have, for ex- 
change or disposal for cash, fine sets of Golden Eagle, 
Prairie Falcon, Duck Hawk, etc. Offers of rarer species 
particularly desired, at reasonable rates for spot cash 
where authenticity is unquestioned and specimens are 
well prepared. 

H.F. Duprey, 229 Fourth street, Santa Rosa, Calif. 
Collector of birds' eggs and bird skins. Ex. D. 

A. H. Snow, Newark, Cal., M.C.O.C. Has coll. B and 
E. Ex. D. of eggs in sets for western. 



Hon. John Lewis Childs. M.A.O.U., Cooper Orn. Club 
etc., Floral Park, N.Y. Has private museum, including 
1100 species of N.A. birds' eggs in full sets, (600 nests 
with sets) and 1200 species of North American birds mount- 
ed, with many fine groups showing old and young, and 
different phases of plumage. Mr. Childs is also interest- 
ed in certain other objects of natural history, as mounted 
mammals, fish, reptiles, insects, minerals and shells, 
which are included in his extensive North American col- 
lections. He is the publisher of the Warbler and the 
Mayflower, and while birds and eggs are his particular 
hobby, the publisher of this Catalogue hopes he is violat- 
ing no confidence in adding that he is a world known au- 
thority on floriculture, and has been widely known for 
many years as having the most extensive floral gardens, 
and the largest business as a florist in the world. From 
flowers to birds is a natural step, and Mr. Childs is an 
enthusiastic Ornithologist, and Oologist. He does not 
collect sets in large series, but is always desirous of ob- 
taining the best examples of any species, as to coloration 
and marking or large number of eggs to a set, his aim be- 
ing to have the best representation possible of everv known 
bird's egg in the A.O.U. list. 

Thomas H. Jackson, West Chester, Penn. Eggs for 
exchange. Specialty, Raptores; also photographs, lan- 
tern slides of young Raptores and nests and eggs for sale 
or exchange. 

A. W. Johnson, Oologist and Ornithologist. Care of E. 
Bennis, Beach Hill, Astley-Bridge, England. 

Herbert Massey. Oologist, Ivy Lea, Didsbury, near 
Manchester, England. 

WANTED, In exchange, ornithological photo- 
graphs and good sets of certain birds of prey. 

J. D. SORNBORGER, Cambridge, 
ioi Hammond St. - - Mass. 


On page 9 Mr. Dille's plan for field data should have 
been this size: 


Set Mark Date 

No. Eggs Incubation 


Nest J - ■ ■-•- - 


J. Warren Jacobs, 

Waynesbur£,l Pa., 

Publisher of 

" Gleanings " 

A series of Ornithological booklets. 

No. i "Oological Abnomalities." 

No. 2 "The Story of a Martin Colony" 

No. 3 "The Haunts of the Golden- Winged 


The three copies $1.00; or will exchange them at 75c 
per copy for sets of abnormal or common sets that I 
need. Send list Also will exchange, at 2.5c per egg, a 
few choice souvenir sets of Purple Martin's eggs, taken 
from my colony at Waynesburg, Pa. 

The Oologist 

A Monthly Publication Devoted to 


The Oologist is the oldest, cheapest, and most popular 
"Bird" publication in America, and while of special inter- 
est to the "Bird man'' it is recognized by up-to-date 
Teachers, Scientists, Naturalists and Curiosity Collectors 
of sufficient interest to be worthy their support. 

During the past twenty years (The Oologist's age) many 
superior Natural History publications have dropped by 
the way. THE OOLOGIST, however, is still issued each 
month and a sample copy can always be obtained by 
a ddressing a postal card to its publisher, or you can 
secure it an entire year, with a 25 cent." "Exchange 
Notice" Coupon for only 50 cents. 

Ernest H. Short, 

Editor and Manager. 
CHILI, :::::::: N. Y 



Michigan Ornithological Club. 

An Illustrated Quarterly devoted to 

the Ornithology of the Great Lake Region 

Alexander W. Blain, Jr.. Editor. 

T. Claire Wood, 

B. Barrows. Associates. 

Each issue of the Bulletin is filled with notes fresh from 
the field and museum. A large corps of field ornitholo- 
gists are among its contributors, which makes the Bulletin 
indespensable to all students interested in bird-life. If 
you want the leading illustrated field magazine of the East 
you will have to read the Bulletin. Vol. V (1901) is 
larger and better than ever. 

Subscription, 50 Cents Per Year. 
Sample Copy } 15 Cents, 

Vols, I, II and III are out of print and can not be sup 
plied at any price. A few complete sets of Vol. IV (190 3 
can still be supplied at 50 cents per volume. 

Address all communications to 

Business Manager. 

1115 Brooklyn Ave. Detroit, Mich. 

Benj. lioag 


Choice sets of North American Birds' Eggs, both com- 
mon and rare always in stock. 

Oologists, Taxidermist's, and Naturalists', Instruments. 
Scientific and Popular Books, especially those pertaining 
to Ornithology and Oology. 

Subscription Agent for all Periodicals. 
Lists, Bulletins, and special quotations promptly sent on 
Coues' Key, 2 vols, cloth, and either Chapman's Handbook, 

or Bailey's Western Birds $12,00 

Reed's North American Bird's Eggs and Davies' Nests and 

Eggs 5th ed 3.25 

Chapmans Color Key and Davie's Nests and Eggs 5th ed 

Best Steel Climbers, with 4 straps 2.50 

Cut the Lining Egg Drills 4 selected sizes 1.00 

Blowpipes • 15c 22c 30c .40 

All quotations prepaid. 

For Student* 
of J^attire,... 

Tho Condor, a magazine of west- 


Edited By Walter K. Fisher. 

Profusely illustrated with intimate portraits of birds, 
directly from life. Every number is filled with 
original information attractively presented. 

Readable, interesting, authoritative 
For Amateur and Professional alike 


1 Dollar the year; sample copies 20 cents. 


Order of JOSEPH GRINNELL, Pasadena, California 

This Catalogue 

(Second Edition) 

Price, prepaid, 25 cents only (subject to advance 
should edition be exhausted.) 
It's a pretty good thing. Suppose you get your 
friends to send in an order for a copy ? 
For a short time Five (5) copies will be sent to 
one address for One Dollar. Get four of your 
friends, and get your's free. Additional copies 
are most useful for checking collections. : : 
Remit in any form (but bad money or Confed- 
erate Bills) to, 

H. R. TAYLOR, Publisher 



of exchange if preferred, first-class complete sets of the 
1.01J- wing species in ANY quantity. All species of. 
Eagles, Kite, Fakon, Crane, Loon, Tropic Bird and Al- 
batross, Hooded Merganser, Buffle-head, Wood Duck. 
Roseate Spoonbill, Flamingo, Sharpshin Hawk, Broad- 
wing, Saw- Whet Owl, Prairie Falcon, Duck Hawk, Whip- 
poor-will, Chuck-wills- widow, Parauque, aad any other 
species new to my collection, especially species of Pet- 
rels, Auklets, Murrelets, Warblers, Waders, Ducks, 
Hawks, etc. All sets must be Al with full data. 

I especially desire scarce sets with GOOD NESTS for 
instance such as Bohemian Waxwing, Hermit Warbler, 
Sulphur-bellied Flycatcher, White-th. Swift, Oregon Jay 

I collect in very extensive series so can always use 
]arge lots, and can offer extra big list. I also desire the fol- 
lowing species in large quantities, for which I will offer . 
common foreign in sets or singles if desired: A.O.U 
Nos.27, 64, 67, 106, 139, 140, 190, 263, 273, 289, 294, 337, 
339, 347a, 368, 373, 375, 387, 388, 390, 394, 452, 461, 471 
494, 501, 507, 554, 560, 611, 619, 624, 628, 702, 743a> 
761. Many others are wanted too numerous to men- 
tion. Have also many rare and desirable singles on 
hand; can ALWAYS offer a very full list of prime sets, 
either American or foreign Have over 3000 papers and 
periodicals to offer including complete vols, of the Auk 
O. and O., Nidologist, Osprey, Oologist, etc. 1 also re- 
quire man} r back numbers to complete my files. Will 
be glad to answer all comunications^ 

C W. Crandall 

Box 238 








' 'i